1. yalimart

    Double Posting

    Lots of double posting today, problem ? Martin
  2. A

    double glazing firms in Didim

    Hi Can anyone recommend double glazing firms in Didim for new doors etc names and contact details please and any recommendations appreciated Thanks
  3. 3

    Double up

    But not on the horses.....
  4. F

    Jet 2 to double their 2018 Turkey program!

    Jet 2 To Double Their 2018 Turkey Program. Many industry professionals in Turkey were delighted at an announcement by JET 2 Holidays and Flights that due to increased demand for Turkish holidays, they will double the capacity of their 2018 program. With 430,000 seats on sale overall, the...
  5. E

    Replace double glazed unit, Didim

    Can anyone recommend a glazier in Didim? I have a double glazed window that needs to be replaced. Prefer someone who speaks English if possible. Thank you.
  6. teosgirl

    Double standards?

    Bradford father 'living in fear after converting from Islam to Christianity' - Telegraph BBC's Frances Barber was accosted by Uber employee over her clothing | Daily Mail Online A couple of weeks ago a woman was arrested and charged for ranting at two covered women on a bus, she received a...
  7. juco

    Why it is called memory foam!

  8. G

    bars that have music and dont charge double the price

    hi heading out to alanya this day 2 week and would love to have a bit of craic some music while having a drink but i was in the queens garden and the price the charge for drink is too much dont mind paying a bit extra but not double if you know of anywhere please share thanks ann
  9. Yalides

    Double paternity leave.

    Labour plan to double paternity leave to one MONTH | Daily Mail Online Remember the time you had your kids ? You went to work to provide for them. Nowadays you will get a holiday with pay if labour get in next election. Thats if you are naive enough to ever believe that shower....:kafa:
  10. abba

    Googleads double click

    I have just purchased a new laptop and only in this site TLF do I get the annoying googleads double click site when I go back one page. I tried all the suggestions from the last thread on this matter ie TLF as safe site and pasted googleads url in blocked sites but it still prevails. Any...
  11. S

    Double Glazing- misty

    A few panes in the conservatory have ended up with mist/ condensation inside them. I have trawled and trawled the net and keep getting totally contradictory opinions as to wether the complete units with glass need to be replaced or if there is some way of remedying this problem Anyone any...
  12. pembelu

    Double mattress for sale koycegiz

    50tl buyer collects or slim chance we can deliver at weekend for extra petrol money to dalyan / fethiye calis area or inbetween koycegiz and those places size is 160 x 200 will try to get a pic up at some point
  13. W

    Double bed + matteress

    White and gold metal frame bed. 200 x 150 Good condition Would prefer to swap for pair of wooden bedside tables or 150TL ono. Can be viewed in Dalyan until 30th July.
  14. Carolyn

    Double tragedy in Oludeniz

    A sad day in Oludeniz yesterday LOCAL - Two British tourists drown in southern Turkey
  15. C

    Eye test........... Double take

    My wife and I went for an eye test last week, went in together and was handed both prescriptions after the tests. Went to the Opticans, chose our new glasses and told they would be ready today. Went to collect them today, my wife tried hers on, blimey they are strong, can't see anything out...
  16. pembelu

    SOBA kuzine style double /oven with extras - koycegiz collection

    double style wood burning stove kuzine soba with many pipes black marble base available but in 2 pieces vinyl floor cover child security grate...cant think of the name in English right now?! attatchable clothes dryer section possibly some wood cost over 350tl in total selling for 250tl used for...
  17. mollag

    Double entendres.!

    > > Here are some classic examples from good old British broadcasting::3: > > 1. Michael Buerk, as he watched Phillippa Forrester cuddle up to a male > astronomer for warmth during BBC1's UK eclipse coverage: > "They seem cold out there, they're rubbing each other and he's only >...
  18. S

    Double Bed for swop or sale

    We have a double bed with orthopedic mattress underneath storage & headboard only been used a few times by our grandson it is like new would anyone be interested in swopping for 2 singles beds with underneath storage. Akbuk area can you please PM me for further details in interested
  19. kale

    Double trouble

    Time things came out think i have sat on this c....p long enough On our site now many of the property,s which have been sold once are now occupied with turkish people , SOLD / RENTED . If your lawyer was working in your interest how is this possible? If the court was ever to rule in...
  20. S

    free double bed

    collect free double bed.
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