1. bickern

    'Meow Park' opens doors to stray cats

    In the city of Mersin, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, "Meow Park" has opened as the first park in the country made exclusively for cats. Complete with a playground designed for kittens and barriers that protect cats from canines, the venue also provides accommodations for animals. Built on an...
  2. A

    Steel doors - extra security

    Morning, I was wondering what people do to add extra security to their steel doors? Do people add locks where you can youu unlock the main door and the leave the door on a latch? Are these things quite easy to fit given the door is steel? Great to hear people’s ideas/solutions :)
  3. immac

    Bi-Fold Doors (external) Turkey

    I am planning to change my balcony sliding door for a bi-fold system. Anyone done this in Turkey? Best and worst systems and suppliers? I am being asked to look at a newer system where the panes are separate and slide and park/stack to one side - not sure what it is called - any opinions? Ian
  4. D

    Steel front doors

    Can anyone give me any advice on residential front doors? Our present door is quite a good quality PVC door, but looks, well, plastic, - probably because it is plastic. We would ideally like a traditional wooden door, but a south facing door in the Turkish climate guarantees shrinking and...

    Internal doors

    Having decided to replace all the internal door in my house (am I mad!!!) could any of you fine folk recommend a company on the Bodrum Peninsula or there a bouts, that make and install internal doors. Obviously I have seen the offerings in the likes of Koctas but they are not really what I am...
  6. Marirabbit

    Removing old varnish from doors

    Hi everyone We have owned a villa in Gumbet for 11 years now and have finally made the decision to live there permanently from October this year We planning to do quite a bit to the house this year in preparation for our move – one of the jobs I’d like to tackle it to remove the old varnish from...
  7. T

    Europe's first 3D printing cafe opens doors

    Technology is wonderful, the first 3D printing cafe opened in Barcelona, I can't wait till they open one in the UK looks like great fun.
  8. bickern

    Being British really does open doors!

    UK passport holders can visit 173 countries without a visa. UK’s citizens on par with Finland and Sweden for passport-only access. Nine of top ten in index are EU countries, with only the US based outside. Afghanistan areat the bottom, closely followed by Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia Data from...
  9. W

    Windows and Doors supplier in Gumusluk

    Just wondering if anyone knows a good firm/man who does new windows and doors. We have a place on Gumsan 2 and when we go back after winter the rain has usualy been getting in all over the house at any window , plus , the doors exposed to the sun are on their last legs. Cheers, Gordon and...
  10. S

    Metal front doors!

    Has anyone tried to have just the internal handle replaced on these solid metal door, it's coming loose and I really don't want the hassle of having to replaster and paint the wall if the whole door/frame has to be replaced for just this one small part, but there doesn't seem to be any way of...
  11. D

    Metal Security Grills on Doors

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and reasonable charging workman/company in the Didim area to install metal grill safety doors outside / inside ? our glass balcony doors? Thanks
  12. N

    mosquito doors

    Anyone have websites i could check out in turkey,turgutreis,for exterior mossie doors? thanx x
  13. P

    Exterior doors

    After successful threads in the past, once again i have decided to ask for information . I need to replace an exterior door on my roof terrace and was wondering what sort of price i would expect to pay to have it supplied and fitted. UPVC, half glazed. Many thanks .
  14. bobthenob

    Cleaning Steel Doors

    Here's a good tip for all with steel doors that have problems trying to get it looking new again. l cleaned my door and also my next doors neighbour using this method yesterday and today. Clean the door first with soap and water and let it dry off. Use a clean cloth and dab it with virgin...
  15. A

    Security lock for patio doors

    Hi everybody, we have had an apartment in altinkum for the last 4 years and we are very concerned about the rising burglary crime, i have sourced a very good lock for patio doors and have recently installed to ours. Anybody seeking further advice please pm me,
  16. edeller

    Replacing patio doors

    My new place has a sliding patio door which is OK but not very substantial and having stayed at other apartments on the complex, they do seem to have problems with the locking mechanism after time. Was thinking of replacing them with something more substantial and a bit nicer, sticking to UPVC...
  17. L

    electric roller shutter doors.

    Could someone please offer advise on upvc electric roller shutter doors.we have a holiday home a 3 bedroom duplex between Fethiye and calis.We have just been informed we have been broken into so we are flying out there next week.Can anyone please reccomm:28:end a good company who fit these...
  18. D

    External Doors

    Hi All, Can any of our good members give me any help in locating a company that sells external timber doors and door frames in the Bodrum area. I have looked in Koctas, Tekzen, but could not see any. It is for a job I need to do next year, so there is no hurry as yet. I am in Gumusluk, so...
  19. N

    New windows and doors

    Hi could anyone reccomend a company in the Akbuk/Didim area to give me a good quote for new upvc windows and doors? Cheers
  20. lilacdiana

    New French doors.

    Hi there is not a Turkey question but hoped someone out there in the forum might be able to advise!! I have just had a quote for removing old patio doors and replacing with a pair of double glazed french doors. I have been quoted £849.00.The doors are 2100mm high and 1820 mm wide. No idea...
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