1. bickern

    Every adult is now an organ donor - UK

    The new legislation is known as 'Max and Keira's law' after the death of nine-year-old Keira Ball saved the life of Max Johnson, also nine, and three other people. Patients awaiting transplants have hailed a 'game-changing' new law which from today means that every adult is automatically...
  2. Yalides

    Organ donor cards

    Received an email this morning from UK about applying for an organ donor card. Must admit I have never thought about it in the past and wouldn`t think my efes sodden liver would be required by anyone. But seriously, do you have one ? Do people carry them in Turkey or is it a taboo subject ? If...
  3. jenifer

    Gay blood donor ban to be lifted

    The lifetime ban on blood donations by homosexual and bisexual men will be lifted in England, Scotland and Wales. Ministers have agreed to let men who have not had sex with another man in the past 12 months to donate from November. The restrictions were put in place in the 1980's to prevent the...
  4. teosgirl

    sperm donor unknown

    Sperm Donor Unknown - Channel 4 I've just seen an advert promoting the above show on more4 next Tuesday evening, and it got me thinking, is sperm donation safe? Is it socially responsible? The programme documents the struggles of a young woman who's trying to find her biological father, after...
  5. KKOB

    Nurses establish donor army with a click

    Two Turkish nurses have resorted to the power of social networking sites on the Internet to find donors for the needs of their child patients, and the move has met with a considerable degree of success. Nurses establish donor army with a click - Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  6. Joe in Tasucu

    Actress’ sperm donor pregnancy stirs debate

    Actress’ sperm donor pregnancy stirs debate Its probably far too soon after the Same Sex Marriage debate for this, but its interesting to see this moral discussion going on right now in Turkey, particularly the piece at the end by Ayca Sen. Much of the Same Sex Marriage debate centred around...
  7. Andy

    Donor Cards

    Last week my wallet was left in my work trousers and went in the weekly wash, most of my cards and cash survived OK but my Donor card disintegrated. Iv'e asked at the Doctors and in the Local Hospital but can't seem to get them at either place. Does anyone know where i can get a replacment ?
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