1. K

    Charges on Charity Donations

    This little story popped up yesterday. Just Giving took a £20 million commission on the donations we gave via the website last year, and the boss took a £200,000 salary, according to their accounts. Apparently they took more than 6% on the donations. In all £440 million was generated via the...
  2. R

    Donations to migrant crisis?

    Hello, Coming out in July and want to pack my suitcase allowance with children's clothes and toys - is there a refuge/charity I can give them to in Marmaris? Or collect from me at the airport (Dalaman). Thanks
  3. juco

    Charity blocks donations for homless man

    Remember the story a couple of months ago about a homeless man – Mark Collins – who helped a desperate young woman when she was stranded in Euston over*night after missing the last train home: Homeless man steps in to help girl left stranded after missing her train home It was a such a...
  4. C

    Donations of 2nd hand clothes

    Hi All - In March will have to clear my mother-in-laws flat. The are many items of clothing still in original packaging plus 2nd hand item of good quality. Also pot, pans, cutlery and crockery. As a family we are anxious that these things should go to someone who needs them - possibly refugees...
  5. bickern

    looking for help or donations

    The local Dog Welfare Group are looking for help or donations Koycegiz Animal Welfare Group - KAWG Anyone with PayPal can donate directly by a one off payment or they can sponsor a dog. There are details on the site. TLF members, tabetha or christine91 are on the comittee.
  6. A

    Didim Council clothes donations

    Hello ....i seem to remember someone telling me that the is a place at the council office that you can donate unwanted clothes for the poor...or that Chatty Chicks do a jumble sale and donate the funds to this cause...i just have done a huge spring clean and do not want to bin the stuff..and can...
  7. Mary

    Donations for Manchester Dogs home

    Hi all, Over the last few days there have been appeals for dog food and blankets over the air waves for Manchester Dogs home so today hubby, daughter and I went around our 3 main supermarkets Asda, Tesco, and Aldi and they are all donating with vouchers for us to use in their stores.We then went...
  8. Ms Who

    VAN clothes donations needed by 4pm tomorrow

    Anyone with that wants to send clothes donations to VAN, please make them up into a package (paper, plastic bag etc. but it must be something that can be written on). U can take them into our offıce (Ugur Organisation/Didim Beach Homes and Rentacar Ddidim) - next to Tıkkınlar supermarket ) on...
  9. B

    Make your donations here!

    Folllowing on from 'Felix the cats' post regarding street cats and dogs. We are now looking for donations to hold a sort of 'Christmas Fayre' on Sunday December 6th. Cakes, bric a brac, good clean clothing, household goods, unused toys (not broken) books or anything we can raise money from...
  10. Yalides


    I hear a rumour that a certain Restaurant in Gumusluk is soliciting donations to pay off their debts. Any one else heard this ?
  11. ceemac


    This is a tricky subject and all I want to do is give my views on it and not offend anyone :p Some people posted recently about the rep points and thanks being displayed and thought it wasn't a good thing - some of course did. Along the same lines, I feel quite uncomfortable about the...
  12. Martyn

    Adverts or donations to fund the forum

    Following a thread about the number of adverts on the forum I thought I would conduct a poll. It's clear the forum costs money to run, I know I've done it and one of this sort of bandwidth and performance doesn't come cheap. So vote what you think.
  13. concala

    Table top sale, donations required

    We are raising money to help a local turkish girl who needs a heart operation, we are having a table top sale in Jengis bar on Sunday 7th October between 11 and 3. If anyone has anything they no longer need, please drop it off at Jengis bar to help our funds. Also nearer to christmas we are...
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