1. Tommie

    Sheffield's Don Valley Stadium

    Exellent news for Sheffield is that the Don Valley Stadium, where Jessica Ennis did her Olympic training, is to be redeveloped as an Olympic legacy. BBC News - Don Valley Stadium: 'Olympic legacy' development announced I know there are a few members from S Yorkshire here.
  2. Yalides

    Don,t annoy your Bank Manager

    Pictured: The horrific last moments of student shot in the head while trying to save his father | Mail Online This is very sad. Too many people with guns in Turkey.
  3. B

    Don,t be taken in

    Latest Land of Lights has an advert 'Great Price Reduction' Meis Visa trip only 55 TL. Visa cost of 15 Euros extra. (33.45 TL) Before the advertised trip was a total of 80 TL incl. of visa ,this is an increase overall of 8 TL.
  4. N

    Don,t let your visa expire. Its 90 days not 3 months

    Having just returned to the uk from Turkey we got a shock at the airport. We went out 0n 24th June 09 and returned in September for another three weeks leaving on 23/09/09 . They double checked our visa on the second occasion and happily let us through. When going back through the passport check...
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