1. Camden

    Domestic Abuse

    Domestic abuse is on the rise during Lockdown ..or are we just hearing about it more ? I sad to hear how some in the Judiciary don't seem to take it serious....with the recent story of the lead singer from Kasabian .... On Tuesday, the Tom Meighan pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrate's Court...
  2. Camden

    16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence 2017

    Yesterday was the start of 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence 2017 16 DAYS The decision to make the event span from 25 November to 10 December was deliberate as to include three other major events: International Human Rights Defenders Day (29 November), World Aids Day (1 December) and...
  3. Akasya

    Istanbul Ataturk airport - Domestic transfers

    We are thinking if flying into Ataturk then connecting Thy down to bodrum . Does anyone know do you change terminals , do you need to check in for bodrum , does the luggage get loaded onward or do you reclaim and re check in , if so , hiw long do you need between flights . Thanks in advance Steve
  4. suzyq

    Turkey to cap domestic flight prices very soon

    The Turkish government has completed works aiming at setting a ceiling price on domestic flights, and the new rules will be applicable just after the Feast of Sacrifice, Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım said during the Transportation Council meeting yesterday. “The General Directorate of...
  5. H

    Bodrum - domestic or international

    Hi, we are flying from Oslo via Istanbul to Bodrum. Our luggage goes directly to Bodrum from Oslo. (We are not going to pick it up in Istanbul, it will be transferred by Turkish Airlines to the domestic flight Istanbul-Bodrum.) Last year when we landed in Bodrum at the domestic terminal, they...
  6. Tommie

    Domestic Violence OK sometimes

    A report in today's HDN states that a recent survery carried out in 7 cities says that 30% of Turkish men say that domestic violence is OK. More... Unbelievable. These should be thrown to the lions.
  7. essex_girl

    International or domestic?

    We are flying Turkish Airlines to London via Istanbul from Bodrum and would like to know whether we should check in at domestic or international departures at Bodrum airport. Our luggage will go straight through from Bodrum to London. Your help would be appreciated and could potentially save us...
  8. Lez Zetli

    Is Izmir Airport Domestic Terminal Open yet?

    Just asking on the off chance that someone can answer this in the next hour or so as I'm off to meet someone arriving from Istanbul. At Christmas we flew in to the International terminal because of the refurb at the domestic terminal. I'll be able to answer it myself tonight :D :thanks:
  9. C


    Unsuccessful in using my credit card to pay for a domestic flight. Tried both Turkish Airlines and Pegasus, and it doesn't work. Have you purchased domestic flights from abroad and paid with card? Can it be that domestic flights have to be bought inside Turkey? As ridiculous as my question...
  10. D

    International or Domestic?

    I know some are going to think I'm being incredibly thick here but I just want to be sure to enable directing friends to the right place....I am shortly coming to lovely Turkey. My flight is from London Stansted to Istanbul(SAW) with a break then on to Izmir. My question is will my flight land...
  11. beyazbayan

    Domestic Violence

    A total of 800 abusive men in Turkey's province of İzmir have been expelled from their homes since the recent passage of a law to protect women against domestic violence. In March, the Law to Prevent Violence against Women and Protect Family Members was passed. Under the scope of the law, male...
  12. R

    Bodrum Domestic airport

    Hi everyone, I am new to this, so I hope you will forgive me if I am doing things wrong. I hope someone can help me find out information about Flying Turkish airlines from Istanbul to Bodrum airport. We have always flown into the International airport with other airlines when we have visited...
  13. culturevulture

    Domestic water charges.....??

    I asked this question on an old thread, but unfortunalely did not have much response. Hence I am staring a new thread, in the hope of getting some information. The first question is pretty easy. (I think). If you are not on a meterd water supply, how much would you have to pay per tonne of...
  14. H

    Domestic Violence Law in Turkey

    I try to understand what's going on, a good intention at the beginning spoilt by a new discrimination? RIGHTS - Anti-violence law to exclude single women Why can't they get it right? And how can the following help? RIGHTS - Fight fire with fire, NGO tells women Just wondering...
  15. T

    Rate for domestic help in Mahmutlar

    Hi all What is the going rate per day/hour for a cleaner in the Mahmutlar area? I need to arrange someone for before my guests stay in our apartment, and unfortunately, am not there to do it myself. Thanks
  16. culturevulture

    Pegasus 30% off domestic flight

    Pegasus are offering 30% didcount off domestic flights for the month of June. Mary.
  17. bickern

    Domestic violence rings alarm bells

    She is neither a celebrity nor a prominent politician, but a bodyguard escorts Nahide Opuz at every step, even at the supermarket, to fend off a menace that has proved lethal: her ex-husband. The 39-year-old mother of two is the first Turkish woman to have a government-funded bodyguard...
  18. perfect1949

    domestic violence in siberia

    just saw on the news about domestic violence in Siberia , were 1 in 3 women are violated and also so some men . i think any sort of domestic violenece is deplorable , think about it a man or a woman living in fear in their own home it most be awful for them . dave
  19. culturevulture

    izmir domestic terminal

    Hi, Can anyone tell me is Izmir Domestic Terminal and International Terminal in the same building, or are they in seperate buildings. Thanks, Mary.
  20. Mushtaq

    In Turkey, the chilling face of domestic abuse

    Kapikoy, Turkey (CNN) -- Hamide Yeni is a woman on the hunt. The women's rights activist wears a determined expression on her face as she paces the dirt roads of this remote village, looking for the man who Turkish authorities say beat his wife and put her in a hospital twice in less than 12...
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