1. L

    Dolphin Sitesi

    Anybody know the whereabouts of Dolphin Sitesi in Koyunbaba? i.e. exact location, etc Thanks
  2. kale


    Two headed dolphin washed up on Izmir beach Mirrow news paper Sorry unable to upload Kale
  3. suzyq

    Ban on dolphin parks lifted

    Very sad day for dolphins and circus animals Ban on dolphin parks and circuses lifted from animal protection bill - RIGHTS
  4. roger waters

    A quick warning - changing money in shoe shop dolphin square

    The lad in the shoe shop offering exchange rate of 2.95 to the pound at the back of dolphin square You take £100 in and he shows you a rate on his phone ie 2.95 tl for your £100 then he gives you £30 back saying he hasn't got enough money to change and shows you the rate for your £70 on his...
  5. L

    Rentals in Dolphin Square Area

    hi everyone ive been to tinky twice now and last year we stayed in the royal apartments in dolphin square,just wanted to know what other apartments where available nearby. Thanks Guys :)
  6. F

    Dolphin seems to ask for help.

    This is amazing. BBC News - Dolphin rescue caught on underwater camera
  7. Y

    Avoid Dolphin Pension Bozburun & can anyone recommend an alternative?

    This time last year I was looking forward to a much needed holiday. Back in February I had booked a room for a week at the Dolphin Pansiyon, Bozburun on the Marmaris Peninsula. They had asked for 2 nights payment as a deposit. I'd transferred the money and they had confirmed they had received...
  8. S

    Dolphin Update

    There was a segment about the dolphins recovered from terrible conditions last year on CNN last evening. Don't know how to post on here, but can view by going to CNN, then click on Videos and scroll through. Lovely to see a happy ending in sight!
  9. M

    Tennis dolphin

    Hi, I moved to Antalya 4 months ago on a lifestyle experiment. So far, apart from a few heavy thunder storms and a few power cuts all is going well here in Konyaalti. The beach life and Simit are real highlights, I downsized from London and so far don't miss it. hope to stay here in Antalya for...
  10. suzyq

    Residents revolt at Dolphin Homes

    SEVENTY families – including 61 British – on a complex in Didim are considering legal action over claims of little action by a builder to alleviate their problems... Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Residents revolt at Dolphin Homes
  11. peter the postie

    Petition to help save more Dolphin deaths

    Two dolphins are dead after the Connyland themepark in Switzerland allowed a two-day rave to take place just a few yards from their tank. The pair died agonizing, drawn-out deaths, seizing and foaming at the mouth. Veterinarians now say their deaths were likely caused by the ear-splitting music...
  12. juco

    Cat & dolphin playing

    YouTube - ‪Cat and Dolphins playing together‬‏
  13. A

    dolphin residence 2

    can any one tell me where about it is? if its far from the shops and are their bus's going past there? thanks ashlee
  14. carolk

    Figaro's hairdressers in Dolphin Sq.

    I went for a trim and blow dry yesterday and they have put the price up to 35tl. I thought 25tl was on the high side but at least a trim is a trim there and not a scalping!! Might have to re-think it now as thats ridiculous. Said it was due to rent and electric increases! :mad:
  15. J

    Parasol Bar, Dolphin Square, strange...

    We went here recently with some friends and found some of the staff very weird! This used to be a really good venue, no wonder it is now empty and all the trade has gone to the Swan Bar, where you can relax and be left alone. One guy pulled up a chair and we could not get rid of him (trying to...
  16. arrian

    DOLPHIN jumps out of tank!!!!!!

    caught on video! Video: Dolphin jumps out of tank during show - Telegraph
  17. CJD

    1000 Dolphin park protesters

    More than 1000 protesters from all over made a peaceful silent protest in Hisaronu last friday, very moving, the only bar that did not turn their music down was Nadia's bar which is frequented by the Russian owner, in fact they turned it up while the lawyer representing the 2 dolphins was trying...
  18. arrian

    dolphin superpod!

    i meant to post this on Friday but forgot! they guessed there were around 1000 dolphins in the sea, has there ever been anything like this in Turkey? BBC News - Dolphin 'superpod' spotted off Skye
  19. arrian

    dolphin v octopus?

    if only i had one to pick the lottery numbers!!! Who's right - the dolphin or the octopus? - Yahoo! News UK
  20. bobthenob

    Dolphin Slaughtered

    There is an article in the voice about a dead dolphin washed up on the shores of Akbuk. lt never see's to amaze me how some seem to claim ownership of the sea for their livlihood when the dolphins were their first. Making a living from the sea also means to have a deep respect for other living...
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