1. B

    Dolmus Times Bodrum to Gumusluk

    Hi All Do the dolmus times change in the winter months, and if so what is the latest time from Bodrum? Thank you
  2. R

    Dolmus station in Turgutreis

    Can anyone tell me where the dolmus bus station is now in Turgutreis, it seems to have moved from Karaba─čl─▒ Cd, and is there a direct dolmus to Yalikavak at this time of year. Thanks.
  3. M

    Dolmus travel from 1st April 2016

    Hi, Could anyone please advise me as to whether the local dolmus' are running between: - Didim and Milas - Milas and Akyaka - Akyaka and Marmaris. I can only find information regarding the large bus companies and most of these appear to go from Soke or Aydin. Many thanks
  4. A

    Your experiences with bus travel

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, having moved to Cappadocia around 18 months ago. I'm currently researching and writing an ebook about bus travel in Turkey (aimed at foreign visitors) and I'd appreciate some feedback about your use of the bus system here. Do you ever travel by bus (local...
  5. L

    Dolmus to Beach

    Does anyone know when the dolmus to the beach will stop running this year? TIA
  6. M

    dolmus to Managvat

    Hi, can you please explain me where is the main dolmus station in Alanya? We'd like to visit Managvat with dolmus, and I can only find the 'otogar', and it's not what I'm looking for. And one more question: where can I fond the dolmus to Dim cay?
  7. Y

    Dolmus Timetable

    Does anyone know where i can get an up-to-date online dolmus timetable. Im particularly interested in times to and from Kas and Patara (including the beach) and would very much appreciate any help on this. Many thanks Kevin
  8. K

    Is there a dolmus from Selcuk to Meryemana (Mary's House)?

    Merhaba! :) I am visiting the Izmir / Kusadasi region at Easter 2015 and would like to attend Mass at Meryemana (Mary's House). Does anyone know if there is Mass said there on Easter Sunday 2015? Is there is a dolmus to get to Meryemana from Selcuk? Any help would be much appreciated! :)...
  9. A

    Dolmus times

    Hello. does anyone know frequency and last time of dolmus from Gumusluk to Bodrum in July/August. Thanks in advance,Derek.
  10. K

    Dolmus service

    We have a house in Arsipel, just down the hill and round the corner from Migros. We are not sure how the road closure will affect the Dolmus service past our house, so are considering hiring a car for our holiday. We will be wanting to get to Gumusluk and Yalikivak and back. Does anybody know if...
  11. kemerkid


    New dolmus service just started in Bodrum, cheaper and quicker.
  12. A

    Dolmus time table Altinkum to Soke

    does anyone know what times the dolmus goes from altinkum to soke please on a morning thanks
  13. G

    akbuk/bozbuk dolmus times

    could someone please let me know the frequency, times and first and last dolmus between akbuk and bozbuk during march. thanks.
  14. barry budd

    dolmus gumusluk

    has any one got any info on the bus roots around gumusluk has anything changed since last season are they still digging the historical site etc thanks
  15. T

    Dolmus route

    Some good news for anyone staying at Sunlight Homes- the Turgotreis and Bodrum Dolmus now stops here. The road through the village is blocked off - there is a fair amount of traffic but no dust , and great access .
  16. lilacdiana

    dolmus to gocek

    Can anyone tell me the cost,travel time and where to catch the dolmus to gocek from fethyie please?? Thank you. X
  17. M

    Dolmus service

    Hi Does anyone know when or if the dolmus will pick up and drop off on the knew road from Gumusluk towards Migros as it would be of huge benefit to those of us who walk to Migros to do our shopping. Every morning maybe 6 or 7 dolmus travel from Gumusluk along that new road towards Migros with no...
  18. B

    long term rental needed in kemer area or on dolmus rota

    looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in side or kemer area for long term rent. cheers blodders:thanks:
  19. J

    renting out a dolmus bus

    i want to rent out a dolmus bus on a weekly basis and put a driver on it could anyone tell me what it would cost and is there a deposit required and what wages would the driver have to get thanks for your help
  20. J

    dolmus bus

    is it easy to hire out some dolmus busses and get drivers for them on a daily basis how much is the rent per day for each bus and and are the repairs covered by the rent please help
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