1. T

    Wanted : - Dolls House Furniture

    Hi All, I am looking for some Dolls House Furniture to finish a project, Has anybody got a few bits, or does anybody know where I can buy some. Mainly in the Mugla region, I am based near Dalyan with Transport.
  2. bickern

    Ultra-realistic robot sex dolls face UK ban

    First of all if you are easily offended do not continue. DO NOT watch the video neither. This is from the great british newspaper The Daily Star. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Robot sex dolls that can interact with their owners are set to go on sale later...
  3. Yalides

    Secrets of the living dolls

    On C4 last night. I swear I recognised a couple of TLFers on there.
  4. B

    Dolls House

    Just to show everyone what has kept me busy for the last few weeks, I hope my grandaughter likes it!! To all members have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.
  5. E

    Datca dolls and guys

    Hi ALL Things are very quiet in this forum and I know there are Datca dolls and guys out there so lets use our forum .....pop in now and again and say hello or if you have been to Datca give us all an update !!! Look forward to hearing from you......sooooon :wink:
  6. F

    Turkish Costume Dolls in Traditional Ottoman Dress

    Hi, The following site has dolls in traditional Turkish clothing. There are many dresses from all over the country including bridal dresses and sufi darvish (darwish) clothes. http://www.turki**** I thought it may be of interest to you.
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