1. bickern

    First Chinese city to ban consumption of cats and dogs

    Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban consumption of cats and dogs. Shenzhen, in southeastern China, has become the first city in the country to ban the consumption of cats and dogs, the government announced Thursday. Under new rules which will come into effect May 1, the government said...
  2. M

    Going back to UK and homes required for two dogs

    Hi We have a friend who at the moment has two dogs, but she now urgently is to return to the UK, she has tried to get them re homed but no luck there. She is now asking for advice. She does not want them to be thrown out on the street.(She took both of them off the street) She thought about...
  3. J

    Street Dogs in Dalaman

    Does anybody know of an organisation in the Dalaman area that can take care of local street dogs? There are a couple of adorable dogs living near our villa, and I would like to return the UK tomorrow having made contact with someone who can take care of them, or at least make sure that they have...
  4. Webarella

    Stray dogs

    Hello to everyone! Do you have persons here who take care of stray dogs and find a new home to them? If yes, do they have FB-pages?

    Cancer in dogs

    Last week my Old English Sheep dog had a major operation to remove a tumour. Today the vet confirmed that following tests she has cancer. The vet is now suggesting putting the dog who is 10 years old through chemo. Has anyone any experience of this or is it kinder to put the dog to sleep...
  6. T

    Dogs barking

    Hello My brother lives in Istanbul. He got this picture from the municipality. could anybody please translate it exactly for me? The dogs have not kupe in their ear. could he complain for the dogs who have not kupe in their ear that the municipality remove them to their natural habitat not...
  7. G

    Bringing my dogs to live in turkey

    Hi. Could anyone help with the process of transporting my 2 small dogs. I will be hoping to travel from Manchester airport to ataturk. Has anyone done this please. I am moving to turkey permanent to live. Many thanks.
  8. W

    Transport Dogs from turkey to the uk

    Does anyone have any up to date experience of transporting dogs by plane to the uk? Any info greatly appreciated.
  9. K

    Are dogs allowed in apartments.

    Can anybody tell me if dogs are allowed in apartments or is their a blanket ban.. We have Staffordshire bull terrier who is a very quiet dog and does not bark at all. What are our chances of him being allowed to stay in our apartment in the winter months?
  10. ted j

    Mad street dogs

    Kath and I were out on the bike this morning , going down Marina road We saw some new builds and turned down a side road for a better look, (a friend of ours is on the lookout for a place ). As we did we passed another side road, two street dogs came charging out , one was obviously out for...
  11. gally

    Dogs at Antalya Airport?

    Hello Can anyone advise please? We have unofficially heard that Antalya Airport no longer accept dogs, presumably in or out. However we brought our Cavalier King Charles out in April no problem but I am hearing this is a recent thing? We are booked to travel back home in July and were not...
  12. Jaycey

    Dogs of war

    It seems that there is no limit to the obscenities of war, more than a million horses killed in WW1 and it goes on… There's just got to be a better way :35:
  13. bickern

    Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey

    The selling of cats and dogs from pet shops will be banned across Turkey, according to a new regulation from the Forestry and Waters Affairs Ministry. The ministry has prepared a draft law on animals, animal rights and pet shops following a series of meetings with representatives of animal...
  14. S

    Hot dogs! Hot dogs!!

    Hot dogs 'must be renamed' in Malaysia, says religious government body - BBC News
  15. A

    Hi taking dogs to the uk

    my name is Angie, i am thinking of taking my two dogs back to the UK, what is the best way to do this way to do this that isn't going to cost lots of money =)
  16. teosgirl

    Dogs poisoned in Bodrum

    20 dogs killed by poison in western Turkey - CRIME Personally I can think of a number of reasons why regular visitors might be fed up of Turkey, not all are to do with regional difficulties. I for one am disturbed by the rising number of stray animals. I had to take in 3 stray puppies which...
  17. Phil Johns

    Airport stranded dogs

    For your Information We were recently made aware of 2 dogs that were going to France from Antalya via Istanbul by Pegasus airline and they failed to transfer them at Istanbul leaving the owner waiting in Paris the dog was subsequently returned to Antalya. to date no compensation has been paid...
  18. D

    Removal of dogs from an owner

    Please can anyone help??? My friend has three house dogs and last year bought her own apartment. The Turk downstairs has since she first moved in created a song and dance about the dogs saying that if she didn't get rid of them he would!!! She had a visit from the police about a month ago and...
  19. bickern

    Stop the mass killings of 200.000 dogs

    Shortly a gigantic extermination camp for dogs will become operative in Istanbul. Until they are killed 20.000 animals will be kept there under the worst conditions. Gradually approximately 200.000 stray dogs, which live on the streets of Istanbul, shall be killed cruelly in this death camp. Two...
  20. yalimart

    Yalikavak Street Dogs

    Another view on street dogs, this farmer has found 91 of his 94 lambs slaughtered by a pack of street dogs in the Yalikavak area. Sokak Köpekleri Katliam Yapt?! - Mu?la ?ehir - Mu?la`n?n haber portal? Makes you think ! Martin
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