1. F

    Documents to fly to UK

    My friends intend to fly to UK next week, they are aged 79 / 81 and have LTRP, they have been told by another friend that they need a form from the Polis for permission to travel, does anyone know anything about the ruling on this, they live in Kaş but have an apartment in Fethiye, they are...
  2. R

    Photo copying documents

    Where can i get documents photo copied in Turgutries
  3. R

    Need To Print Some Documents

    Hi, I am in Fethiye for 6 months. I need to print off some documents from my computer to post back home to Ireland. Does anyone know where I can do this? Thanks.
  4. C

    What documents needed for Turkish Residence Permit

    I need to renew my Residence Permit but I cannot find what documents are required. I have tried looking at the official website but I am having difficulty getting the information that I need. Can anyone help me please.
  5. S

    Sending important documents to UK

    Hi all, sorry if it's in the wrong forum, couldn't really decide where to ask. What is the quickest/best/most economic way of sending important documents to the UK from Turkey. The PTT have been great so far but it takes 7-10 days, I need these paper to get there in 3. I've looked on DHL but...
  6. H

    Urgent help please marriage documents needed

    Hi guys I am moving to turkey in a few weeks and getting married there in August Can anyone please shed light on what documents I need I know obviously passport Birth certificate Cni certificate And apparently some one says an affidavit I haven't a clue what this is or where I would get it from...
  7. H

    Marriage documents requirements help !

    Hey guys please help me this is so confusing I am going to be getting married in August but am confused as to what documents I need Obviously passport is 1 Full birth certificate And cni certificate Someone else says I need a affidavit I haven't a clue what that is and where or if I need to get...
  8. B

    Condo fees and written documents

    I am hoping some members might be able to express opinions on the following as I am getting conflicting answers from both lawyers and non lawyers. I have two fairly straightforward questions: 1) If a potential buyer agrees to write a paper stating that part of the purchase deal includes paying...
  9. A

    Help with Emergency Travel Documents please!

    I wantto go to UK on 23rd December to surprise my mother for christmas, i want to fly from antalya and i live in idil, sirnak. I am hoping that one of my brothers in law will take me to adana british consulate to get an emergency travel document as my passport has been wet and the photo is...
  10. J

    Documents for Manager of Building??

    Just wondering if anybody can assist here. We are a small apartment block consisting of 6 apartments and 2 shops below. The "Manager" of the building, is requesting copies of everybodys passports and residence permits, not only for the full time residents here but also for the people who only...
  11. S

    Changing name on documents in the UK after Turkish Marriage

    HI, I really need help, i just recently got married to my Turkish boyfriend in Bodrum and was given an International marriage book (Aile cuzdani/ LIVERT de FAMILLE) and also a Formul B document. on the back of the Formul B doc and book there is translations on each section as the document is in...
  12. T

    posting documents

    I realise that the info I need will be somewhere on the forum,but I don`t know where to look,so could somebody help me please? I need to post some documents to Turkey - as quickly and securely as possible. What`s the safest and quickest way of doing this please?
  13. A

    Another marriage question - documents requested by marriage office

    Hi all The marriage office here in Istanbul have requested a translation of my passport and birth certificate along with the other relevant documents. Is this a normality that others have had to do? Does anyone know where I could get such translations and notarisation done? Thanks
  14. N

    prices for marriage documents?

    Hi again all,does anyone know the latest prices for marraige documents at the consulate in Izmir,tried to email but had no joy,also the cost of the registrar to perform the marriage and blood tests?Im in The bodrum area x Also can we just go to a state hospital for the blood tests and ask for...
  15. shazeroo

    Documents Required for Selling Property in Turkey

    Hi - can anyone who has recently sold tell me exactly what paperwork we will need to provide? Is it just the TAPU or will we need passports, etc. My concern is that the TAPU and my current passport are in different names (one in my married name and one in my maiden name) and I want to avoid...
  16. peterbryant

    documents required to take car out of Turkey

    Can anybody tell if any document apart from a Green-card are required to take a Turkey reg. car out of the country. Thanks Peter:
  17. S

    driving documents

    Hi All, when driving a hire car from the airport to a complex, what documents are you legally required to have on you if stopped for any reason. will hire company's advise on what is required do you need any documents to enter a complex. we are going over to bodrum next week. thanks
  18. maggie

    Documents required for Residency Permit.

    Please can we have a seperate thread stating documents requiried for obtaining your FIRST residency permit and then documents requiried for renewal of permit . What you need For a 1 year one £370 converted into TL each 150TL each for the RP book 5 passport photos copy of passport showing last...
  19. maggie

    Documents required for Residency Permit.

    Can someone please inform us of all the documents required when going to obtain a RESIDENCY PERMIT!!!!! Please!!!!.I have has loads of people asking me and I dont know if the rules have changed . Thanks Maggie xx
  20. John O' Dreams

    Iraq war documents made public

    How Lord Goldsmith changed advice on legality of Iraq war Documents about how the legal case for the Iraq war was formulated by the Blair government seven years ago were made public yesterday, revealing the grave doubts of the Attorney General over impending military action. The drafts of...
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