1. C

    Document with fathers name

    The tutorial video for a RP says I need to provide a document which shows my fathers name if it's not on my passport (it's not on an Irish passport from what I can see). Will this actually be asked for?
  2. S

    do i need to get my marriage document translated for the UK

    HI, I really need help, i just recently got married to my Turkish boyfriend in Bodrum and was given an International marriage book (Aile cuzdani/ LIVERT de FAMILLE) and also a Formul B document. on the back of the Formul B doc and book there is translations on each section as the document is in...
  3. M

    Scanned Document

    I have another problem! I can scan documents with my all-in-one printer, but then I can't find them! By a sort of process of elimination, the computer tells me that I have "already" saved the scan. But where? I don't know where to look. When I hook up my camera to the computer and look at...
  4. I

    Confusion With Notorised Document - URGENT Help Needed

    Hi everyone I urgently require some advice. And I'd be really grateful if anyone who has any knowledge what so ever with Turkish Community agreemements to respond. We coming to retirement age and we fear we are getting rippped off by some of the neighbours who are in kahoots with the...
  5. K

    Document courier to Bodrum

    Does anyone know of a Courier Company from the UK to Bodrum that delivers parcels and or documents direct! Reliable ones ?
  6. F

    easyJet query

    hi all i just booked 2 flights for my daughter and friend and when i got the email confirmation it said this "URGENT! You cannot fly without providing this information One or more destinations in your booking require you to provide travel document information in order to comply with local...
  7. P

    Proffessional document translation

    Does anybody know of a highly proffessional document translator in Kusadasi please? English to Turkish.
  8. W

    Habitation Certificate/Building Use Document

    Hi Readers, After the success of providing a translated copy of the tapu. I was asked by a member to provide a translated copy of what she understood to be a Habitation Certificate. The document she was given by her agent is titled "Building Use Authorisation Document" I have spent the last...
  9. Martyn

    Turkish Word document

    I'm trying to learn Turkish and this week bought a Linguaphone course. Also I found a Word document that gives a lot of useful phrases and words with their phonetic spelling as well. I cannot find an area to upload it to Mushtaq. Shall I email it to you or shall i host it myself with a link...
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