1. S


    I have bad diahorea for a few days,pleased can someone advise me where to go for a doctor, I have tried lopomide ,but no use,maybe need antibiotics. Please help.thank you in advance.
  2. S

    Doctors in Marmaris

    Are there any English speaking doctors in Armutalan or anywhere in Marmaris Please. Thank you.
  3. immac

    Doctors & Funeral Directors

    I am sure somebody at the Embassy has a sense of humour. On the same day they have released two lists - one of Doctors and the other, in case the first does not work, a list of Funeral Directors:
  4. Spurs

    Doctors & Nurses

    A woman gets a loud knock on her front door. When she opens it there's a guy standing there holding her son by the shirt collar "your bloody 8 year old has been playing doctors & nurses with our 7 year old daughter". The woman said "come on all kids are like that at that age, what's the big...
  5. A

    Doctors number

    Hi, going to be out for a couple of weeks, can anyone tell me useful numbers for a doctor ? Thanks
  6. T

    Feet doctors in Izmir

    I need to find a foot doctor for my onychomycosis problem and a pain in a toe. Can anyone recommend any? I've visited the US embassy website, but there is only a listing for one orthopedist. I don't need surgery, just a foot doctor.
  7. J

    Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spine

    Those wacky Saudis and their eye for an eye justice system! Judge Asks Doctors To Damage Criminal's Spine - Yahoo! News UK
  8. ZiaCa'

    Ban on smoking in vehicles call by doctors

    A ban on smoking in cars and all vehicles is being demanded for by doctors in a pledge to reduce children's exposure to passive smoking. BBC News - Ban smoking in all vehicles, doctors demand
  9. R


    Can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor within the Dalaman/Ortaca area
  10. C

    Doctors in Mahmutlar

    Hi Everone, can anybody recomend a Doctor in Mahmutlar??? any help would be appreciated Thank you :angel:
  11. shirleyanntr

    At the doctors

    Going to the doctors. This ones not for you if you are coy….its cold outside so i thought i’d warm things up a little. İf you get an english speaking docter…great..…but there may be times when it wont be possible…so how will you handle it. Grunt, sign language, eye contact..hmmm. Face up to...
  12. S


    Saw this on another forum, does anyone know anything about it? "Anyone getting sick here, on seeing a state doctor they register with the practice and all treatment is free under the reciprical agreements." :307bt:
  13. B

    doctors in altinkum prices

    hi how do the docs come to the price to charge you when you visit ? do they have a guideline of the goverment or what ? why im asking is i went to have my ears syringed it took less than 7mins when i went to pay he said 50 lira i said WHAT) so he said ok just 40 to you now some one who went the...
  14. Andy

    At the Doctors

    This beautiful woman one day walks into a doctors office and the doctor is bowled over by how stunningly awesome she is. All his professionallism goes right out the window... He tells her to take her pants, she does, and he starts rubbing her thighs. "Do you know what I am doing?" asks the...
  15. Struggs

    Doctors' Notes

    A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!" I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs - and I was in the wrong one. Dr. Mark MacDonald,San...
  16. andee

    A man goes to the Doctors

    A man goes to the Doctors with his lower half wrapped only in celophane....and the DOctor says ...
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