1. immac

    Make Vinegar DIY

    Not strictly cooking, but if you want to make your own vinegar in Turkey, it has just got a bit simpler. Migros are selling vinegar with the "mother", which means it is not pasteurised and has all the components to start off your vinegar factory. Most vinegar on sale has been treated to stop...
  2. S

    Diy poll

    I was thinking of having a poll /survey just to check how many talented diyers we have on here I mean SOME of us have just whizzed through decorating 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in just under a fortnight and despite the break neck speed -to quite a reasonable standard, 6/10 I believe the big...
  3. S

    Diy tips

    I am possibly the worst at Diy in Western Europe I am therefore getting a proper decorator in to sort most of the house but decided I would paint 2 of the bedrooms myself My query is how do you paint skirting boards in a room with shaggy carpet? Surely there's some neat trick for keeping...
  4. immac

    DIY Garage Space

    My friend runs a garage in Fethiye. His main business is VAG - VW, Audi, Mercedes and Skoda. He is a Master Mechanic and ex- rally team mechanic. He has done all the servicing and extensive tuning on my Audi. Mugla has recently ordered that all Minibuses and Dolmus be renewed, which is why we...
  5. bickern

    A DIY Mosquito Trap that Really Works!

    Summer is getting nearer so:- Items needed: 1 cup of water 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 gram of yeast 1 2-liter bottle HOW: 1. Cut the plastic bottle in half. 2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle. 3. Add the yeast. No need to mix. It...
  6. R

    Diy- b&q

    Hi all, is there a B&Q type shop in Didim/Altinkum/Akbuk area? I am trying to locate a shop/business that sells white laminated MDF Shelving. Any names, telephone numbers and street addresses would be most welcome, many thanks in advance Dv.
  7. J

    DIY mozzy trap

    just been looking at a design for a mozzy trap - just wondered if anyone had tried them and had any success Cut a large coke bottle in half, put a bit of yeast and water in the bottom half - turn the top half over and tape it on with gaffer tape - the co2 from the yeast attracts the mozzies (as...
  8. mamish

    ATMs in Koycegiz

    Hi! I'm new in Koycegiz (actually Dogusbelen) - moved in on xmas eve. I want to withdraw sterling using my HSBC debit card or my Nationwide debit card. Do any of the ATMs in Koycegiz pay out in sterling? If not Koycegiz, where would be the nearest? Also lots of DIY to be done! Any...
  9. hayabusa

    DIY Store in Mugla

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a DIY store in Mulga ?..... I was told by a Turkish man in Turkey last year that there is, it's similar to B&Q but cannot remember what it was called or where it was.......
  10. L

    Diy centre

    Does anyone know the big DIY centres name next to Kostas (If facing Kostas about 1/2 mile up the road from). Apparently they sell galvanized sheds there and I was going to have a look to see if they had a website or an email address to ask them. Thank you. Sharon
  11. L

    DIY Man and Dog Kennels

    Hello, I will be coming to Dalyan on the 23rd Oct till 30th Oct on abit of a last minute mission before flights wind down for winter. I intend to help out at the dog shelter and to bring 2 suitcases of meds and items for the shelter and for Dohakder in prep for the winter season. Whilst over I...
  12. A

    DIY Stores?

    Hi, are there any DIY B n Q equivalents to get paint in or around Yalikavak. Thanks
  13. Sunny Seasider

    DIY Tool Hire around Bodrum

    Does anyone know if any of the DIY Shops have a tool hire facility in the Bodrum area? Thanks in advance.
  14. P

    DIY trip to Turunc

    I am now on a sub 20 day countdown to being back In Turunc. I am really looking forward to it. At the end of my works there will be a 80cm square shower cubicle and tray and a 1600mm(approx) long white bath, bath panel, shower panel and two of bathroom sinks fitted with taps for sale. I know...
  15. stewy

    DIY shops

    Could anyone advise me if there are any good DIY shops around the area of Akbuk or Altinkum, if so whats the names and address
  16. A

    DIY Alarms in Dalyan?

    Can you buy diy alarms in dalyan the battery operated type you fit yourself.
  17. M

    DIY Shop in Dalaman

    Hi there I was hoping someone on this forum might be able to help with some local knowledge. We will be flying into Dalaman soon to go to our house in Akyaka. We were wondering if there was a good DIY store in Dalaman where we could get some Filla Boya paint and a new drill whilst we're...
  18. JBK44

    DIY store or hire

    Does anyone know where I can buy or hire a hammer drill and bits for my holidays? I agree it sounds like top of this list for our holiday but needs must? Can't wait to see the new harbour area and Datca.
  19. J

    DIY Shop in Dalaman

    Does anyone know of a DIY shop in Dalaman, to get fencing and plaster ETC? Is there anywhere like Homebase?????Ha Ha Thanks
  20. H

    DIY Holiday

    Can anyone give me advice and cost of transport from Antalya Airport to Lara Beach Resort for 4 adults and 2 young children plus the ususal holiday luggage. I am finding UK sites expensive for transfers any good ideas would be welcome. Thanks HazelPC
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