1. Tenpin

    Info Turkey - Married/Divorce Related

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. A

    Divorce in Turkey

    If two English residents living in Turkey have separated and one wants a divorce does anyone know the proceedings? There is no house involved. Would bank holdings be split equally? I am genuinely asking for a friend. Neither of them are members of this forum.
  3. A89

    Divorce in Turkey

    I went for my divorce hearing in Alanya court today. Last week i'd filed the dilekçi myself, for an agreed divorce. My husband did not need to attend for that but had to be there today for the hearing. Afterwards we were told to come back in a few weeks to sign another paper and get the final...
  4. S

    Divorce - British - Turkish couple

    I have a question. I am British I married a Turkish citizens in Turkey everything was registered with the British consulate in Izmir so I assume we we're also legally married in UK. We have just divorced in Turkey my question is am I also divorced in the UK or do we have to divorce there too.
  5. E

    House sale in a divorce .

    Advice needed . I have a friend who is in the middle of a divorce been going on 5 years , Turkish Husband . She has just been informed her house has to be sold that has come from Ankara it is being sold as an investment . She thinking she will buy the hubby out ,but hubby wants to buy her out ...
  6. M

    Need to hire a Turkish Lawyer to file the divorce

    Dear friends I am married to a Turkish citizen and have a child who lives with her mother in Istanbul. She has taken all the advantages like she didn't let me see him or talk to him for years. I have been trying to get solution for the divorce but didn't get any right advise. I tried talking...
  7. Neil_Denizli

    Gold & Divorce

    When gold is given to a couple on marriage, is it considered joint property? Is it a contribution to the couple's newly married life, or an insurance for the bride? More of a cultural than legal question ...
  8. IbrahimAbi

    Social Media cause for Divorce Ruling

    Take care what you post chaps, it could cost you your marriage:- The Court of Cassation has ruled in an unprecedented decision that a married woman’s social media posts showing photos of her while intoxicated on various social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, was a “violation” of her...
  9. S

    Uk Divorce Recognition in Turkey

    I have just completed a divorce from my Turkish husband in the U.K. I'm British and we were married in Turkey. He now wants a divorce in the Turkish courts... we have the absolute stamped etc and my ex husband has issued me a 'limited proxy ' from his solicitors on paper stating that the Turkish...
  10. T

    Good Experience with Turkish Divorce

    I think my story will be useful to a lot of people here. I split up from my Turkish husband in 2010. He went back to Turkey and started divorce proceedings there, as we were married there. I received the documents, from Turkey and was so relieved after 2 years we were divorced with no hassle...
  11. I

    UK marriage-Turkish divorce

    Hello all Just a quick question? My ex and myself got married in the UK, they my Turkish ex registered the marriage in Turkey. We divorced here in the UK, but they are now telling they need to get the divorce recognised in Turkey by applying to a court. What do they need from myself just a...
  12. bickern

    last laugh on her ex when divorce judge awards her ALL their wealth

    I would laugh but it is very serious. How can this be fair? John Cleese was unfair nut this takes the biscuit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A businesswoman who gave up her career to become a 'conventional housewife' has been awarded the...
  13. S

    Property Rights after a divorce

    My sister wishes to get a divorce from her abusive husband. I have some questions about her situation and I would be grateful for any answers. She married him nine years ago. During that time she bought an apartment. The apartment is in her name as she paid for it with her money. She lives in...
  14. K

    Pensions and Divorce Alert

    Not a happy subject but if you have divorced in the UK within the last 20 months you may have been affected by a glitch in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) paperwork. Apparently up to 17,000 people may be affected. The online form E which is used to collect information from divorcing spouses about...
  15. D

    Transferring deed over to hubby after divorce

    Hi Due to our divorcing ( both British ) my ex is buying me out of our apartment in Turkey, we have agreed on a price but we need to put it in his name only ...can anyone tell me how to do this and is it simple? Lol....not expecting it to be...nothing ever is!
  16. bal canavar

    Shock Divorce

    D'oh! Homer and Marge set to split on 'The Simpsons' D'oh! Homer and Marge split on 'The Simpsons' - CNN.com
  17. bickern

    sued by his ex-wife for £2m he made AFTER their divorce

    What exactly does divorce mean if you can start sticking your greedy fingers in the pie 20 years later. Dale Vince was 'abusive when ex-wife asked for maintenance payments' | Daily Mail Online
  18. R

    Turkish wedding divorce

    Hi I married in Turgutreis 2 and a half years ago. We have now separated. Just wondered if anyone knows about getting a divorce. We are both british but we never registered the marriage in the UK. I have the turkish red book etc. do I need to come over to turkey to do anything or can it all be...
  19. A

    The divorce settlement

    If Thursday's vote supports Scottish Independence, Mr. Salmond will be negotiating from a position of strength. Will the leaders from the remaining countries of Great Britain have the balls to stand up to him and do what is right for their countries? And will Westminster put in place where...
  20. D

    Divorce Registration in Turkey!

    I need help desperately. I am a Turkish citizen who currently lives and works in Kuwait. I got married in 2006 and registered my marriage in Turkey thereafter which was a simple thing at the 'nufus diaresi'. My husband now ex-husband is a foreigner who lives in Kuwait. I filed for divorce in...
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