1. D

    Question How much is a diving course in Turkey?

    Sounds fun
  2. Tenpin

    Airbus A300 sunk off coast of Turkey’s Kuşadası to boost diving tourism

    New scuba diving site created to try encourage tourism. Airbus A300 sunk off coast of Turkey?s Ku?adas? to boost diving tourism - Daily Sabah
  3. suzyq

    Çeşme creates artificial reef and diving center

    The Çeşme Artificial Reef project, which was initiated 10 years ago as an attraction for divers and to increase the number of fish, has begun to come to life. In the first step of the project, 50 concrete blocks were left off Karada (Eşekada) Island on March 15. Eşme District Gov. Mustafa...
  4. H

    scuba diving around Altinkum/Akbuk

    Hi All, could anyone tell me if there are any Padi certified dive centres in Altinkum or Akbuk, thank you
  5. K

    Diving near Marmaris, need to pick brains

    I am looking for the name of a particular diving center/instructor. I went in holiday in 2009 to Marmaris and attended a beginner diving course which I think took place on Defneli beach. I have tried since then to locate the diving centre and instructor that taught me. I looked at my diving...
  6. 4

    Scuba Diving

    We are staying at La Blanche Hotel, Turgutries Does anyone know if there is a free trial at the hotel or close by? Are there any trips straight from out hotel / resort? Thanks
  7. K

    another diving video

    :clap: here is another diving video from my last trip :95im::11: diving around fethiye and ulo deniz - YouTube enjoy :307bt:
  8. K

    diving fromulo deniz

    just thought id post a short video of my recent diving trip :20: dive 2012 - YouTube enjoy
  9. bob75

    Olympic Diving

    Hi all, any idea which bars in Bodrum are showing Tom Daley diving tonight? Thanks :)
  10. M

    Any reliable dive centres near Yalikavak?

    I'm looking for a good review of any dive centres near Yalikavak. We've used a few in Bodrum - but weren't feeling great about their safety procedures... We currently use Erman Dive Centre which is based in Sea gardens and Bodrum Marina, which we enjoy and has a good record, although...
  11. kemerkid

    Scuba diving air cylinders.

    From time to time the subject of scuba diving comes up on here and I was wondering if anyone out there has a tank or tanks that they no longer use or need. I am not into diving but I do need to store and transport compressed air. If anyone can help it would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. teosgirl

    Diving around Turkey or trip to Egypt

    Hi, I'm looking for information about great dive spots (I'm aware of Kas) around Turkeys coast, or a package holiday company which works with dive centres in Egypt. I would prefer to go to Egypt, but it seems in Turkey there's a definite lack of travel agents where you can pop in a discuss...
  13. S

    Diving in Kemer

    Hi Myself and my partner will be coming to Kemer on the 28th February. While we are there he would like to do some scuba diving. He has emailed a few diving schools in the area but hasn't had any replies. Does anyone know of a diving school in the Kemer that will be open then. He would...
  14. G

    Scuba diving

    Morning all Does any one know where I could look at diving packages near Didim. I would be looking at 6 to 10 dives. The only one I know is Okenos near the marina. I have heard of crocodile but cannot find any details. Bodrum has a host of schools, but may be a bit far / expensive traveling from...
  15. teosgirl

    Diving near Izmir

    Wrecks to ridges: The diving experience at Beer De Zoeten's center - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review An article for anyone interested in Diving centres in the Izmir region.
  16. K

    Diving in Alanya

    Hello All We are due to come out to Alanya on 17 July and there are a few of us who would love to go diving whilst there. Could someone please recommend a good diving school for beginners. Three of us want to dive and the other 3 would be happy to go along for the ride and spend the day on the...
  17. ceemac

    Shipwreck Diving in Turkey

    There's not a day that goes by in Istanbul that you don't see a massive cargo ship threading its way up the Bosphorus. The waters around Turkey are, after all, part of an international supply chain connecting Europe, the Middle East, and the world at large. But then, Turkey has always been at...
  18. Octalya

    Scuba Diving from Yalikavak

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a any diving directly from Yalikavak? I did read somewhere that there is a dive centre at the Marina but I've not been able to find out anything. I know part of the coast on the Yali side of the peninsula is protected, so does that mean all diveboats leave...
  19. G

    Sea fishing trips / Diving

    Hi I am planning to come to Istanbul next month and was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I could arrange a sea fishing trip for a day or half a day? Also does anyone know of a scuba dive boat that goes from Istanbul or somewhere I could arange a dive or two whilst I am there.
  20. K

    Daily diving & diving courses

    hello all, Just to say that next week diving season is starting and anyone wants diving courses or daily divings pls pm me..;))
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