1. B

    Plane diverted to Scotland.

    BBC News - Cairo to New York plane diverted after 'problem' Hopefully, this is not a terrorist incident. At the moment news is very scarce. Bill.
  2. culturevulture

    Onur Air flight from Cork diverted

    I just had a text message from my husband to say, he is stuck on the plane in Istanbul. The flight was on route from Cork to Bodrum and was diverted due to technical problems. According to Bodrum Airport they are due to leave Istanbul in about an hour. At least I think that is what they said...

    Diverted to Gatwick

    Well, we got back from our week away to Benidorm not without a little hassle.Not as bad as our trip to Gibraltar earlier this year. According to the TV, Edinburgh airport , which is where we were going was the only Scottish airport open, great we thought. Got to Alicante airport after being...
  4. merlin

    Israeli liner diverted to Cyprus after new terror alert....

    A cruise liner with 650 Israeli passengers on board was diverted from Turkey to Cyprus today because of new security worries, Cypriot authorities said. The Mirage, which had been steaming from Israel to the Turkish port city of Alanya, changed course overnight and is now heading for the...
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