1. L


    I have found a distances chart which you may find useful.Take a look at Road travel distances (driving time) in Turkey. We found this really helpful when we came out in February in planning our sightseeing visits. Have now printed it up for future reference
  2. ceemac

    Turkish Distances

    I found a very good Turkish distance calculator which gives you miles as well as kms, and a little map. May be useful for some. See here C
  3. cleeker

    Distances to Akbuk

    Can anyone tell me the distance that Akbuk is from Bodrum, and also from Bodrum Airport? I read on Crescent Homes that it was 110km from Akbuk to Bodrum and from Akbuk to Bodrum Airport it was 37km. Is this correct? Cheers Cleeker.
  4. TurkeyPropertyCentre


    DİSTANCE Fethiye – Istanbul : 814 km Fethiye – Ankara : 635 km Fethiye – Izmir : 359 km Fethiye – Aydin : 232 km Fethiye – Antalya : 199 Km Fethiye – Denizli : 217 km Fethiye – Nevsehir : 750 km Fethiye – Mugla : 131 km Fethiye – Dalaman : 55 Km Fethiye – Ortaca : 60 Km Fethiye – Köycegiz...
  5. Anne

    Distances to akbuk

    how far is Akbuk from Fethiye I'd like to visit for a couple of days next summer when we're over anyone know how long it takes to travel from Fethyie and how easy it is to get there? Cheers Anne:thanks:
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