1. kemerkid

    Distance buying/selling here in Turkey.

    Until recently I have been quite happy buying stuff from the internet. The a couple of months ago I decided to buy a smart watch/fitness tracker, I selected a watch did the business and sat back to wait. What arrived was not the watch I had selected, in fact it turned out to be a fake into the...
  2. RachelAlicia93

    Long distance relationships.

    Hi all, I'm feeling pretty low at the moment just come back from 12 days with my boyfriend, I stay with his family who I adore and they adore me, I call his mum, my mum and she refers to me as her daughter, she can't speak any English but I can speak basic turkish, and also his dad thinks the...
  3. B

    Distance from Kusadasi to Pamukkale

    How long is it likely to take to drive from Kusadasi to Pamukkale by car? I went many years ago on an organised tour and fancy re-visiting. I remember it being a very long day and it seemed to take forever to get there by coach. Many thanks.
  4. N

    Distance between attaturk and s gokcen airport?

    Can anyone tell me the distance between attaturk airport and s gokcen airport in istanbul and is easy to get from obne to the other?
  5. L

    Distance From Airport

    Hi, How far is Yalikavak from Bodrum Airport and Bodrum Centrum? Thanks
  6. D

    distance and duration of trip -izmir to didim

    i am as usual scouting for a holiday place -we have searched around kusadasi but the hilly nature was a bit of a problem and my wife keeps suggesting didim so i was wondering if anyone knows the trip duration and kms from ─░zmir. we drive but might sometimes revert to coach-any info please?
  7. Mag

    Distance- Turgutreis to Altinkum

    Hi, how far is it from Turgutreis to Altinkum by car, or is there a daily bus service from Turgutreis/Bodrum? Thanks Mag
  8. D

    Distance and time please wanted

    Sorry if this thread has already been done, ive heard its 205 miles from Bodrum airport to Altinkum well google says it is, the transfer hopper says it it will be 2 and half hour journey is that with the dropoffs to bodrum first then hotels in altinkum, we have been ofered vip transfer with the...
  9. R

    distance between Altinkum and Izmir

    Hi everyone Can anyone tell me the distance and best cheapest route to take to travel from altinkim and izemer..I am going out to my flat In Altinkim in April but want to visit a friend In Izemer at that time. Thanks
  10. Mag

    Distance Bodrum/Turgutreis to Kusadasi

    Hi, How long is the journey by road from Bodrum to Kusadasi? Do buses do this route from Turgutreis, and any idea of what the cost is. Many thanks Mag
  11. B

    Distance from Dalaman to Akbuk

    Hi all, Just wondered does anyone know the driving distance from Dalaman airport to Akbuk, also of any self drive car hire firms from Dalaman airport. Many thanks.
  12. S

    Distance from Didim Beach Resort to Town Centre

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the distance, whether walking or on a dolmus from the Didim Beach Resort to the Town Centre?
  13. A


    travel distance and times Can anyone tell me how long it would take to drive to Oludeniz area from Gulluk?
  14. tomc1984

    Distance from Yalikavak

    Coming out on Sunday for 3 weeks, thinking of getting out and about. Anyone know driving distance to Altinkum and / or Marmaris please?
  15. B

    distance from yalikavak to kusadasi

    hi can anyone tell me the distance from yalikavak to kusadasi i would love to visit the aquapark there and let my children swim with the dolphins any help would be appreciated
  16. F

    Queen Apartments/King Villas Distance

    Hi recently purchased off plan Queen Apartment (due to be part of King Villa co mplex) Just how far is it really from Akbuk. Thanks
  17. E


    hi ther. how far is kusadasi from turgutreis?
  18. S

    I do love Turkish long distance busses

    On my recent visit to Turkey I did take the Pamukalle bus from Aydin to Fethiye...................and I sure did like it I got a seat just after the driver (allthough I had seat nr 8, LOL) and the man has been looking at me through his mirror almost all the time. Then a Turkish lady and her...
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