1. K

    Walt Disney near Dalaman

    Hello - I do apologise if this is too fantastical but has anyone heard anything about a Walt Disney theme park being built in five years time somewhere on the coast? A Turkish estate agent told me this - and he wasn't trying to sell me anything as he already had been told by me that I had...
  2. J

    Disney Advert

    I am loving the new Disney adverts on at the moment, has anyone seen them, they are all home videos of families who have booked secret holidays to Disney and then film the moment they tell the kids were they are going, they are really sweet and bring a tear to the eye, I love the little boy...
  3. teosgirl

    Disney on Ice -Izmir

    Biletix - A Ticketmaster Company Next week see's disney on ice arrive in Izmir. 5 days of shows at the Ataturk Halkapinar stadium. There's also a new Olympic sized ice skating rink opening this Sunday in Bornova. I visited last weekend and it's very impressive..along with the rink there's a...
  4. james fowler

    local girl wins Disney competition thanks to Tlf

    A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL TLF MEMBERS WHO VOTED ON THE RECENT THREAD HELP A LOCAL GIRL It has now been confirmed by the Disney studios that local girl Leah Koc has won their competition to design a t-shirt for Hannah Montana & along with her mum will be spending 4 days as guests of Disney from...
  5. M

    disney land

    hi, does anyone have any up dates on weather a disney resort is happening in turkey? if so where martin
  6. jcrian

    Disney comes to Koycegiz?

    It looks like a giant water slide but is in fact a new part of the irrigation system carrying water down from the mountains to water gardens and groves of oranges and olives here in Koycegiz. Before it went through peoples properties but the company owning it have decided to run it alongside the...
  7. M

    disney land

    hi everyone, can anyone tell me if its true that disney land resort is coming to turkey? thanks martin:48:
  8. C

    Disney Land

    Please can anyone confirm if Disneyland still coming to Antalya and if so when . We have seen things on the Internet saying it will be up and running in 2010 but everything about this exciting event seems very quiet.
  9. peter the postie

    Turkey set to host Disney

    Seems Turkey will have the next Disneyland. Seems a strange choice of location to me though :crazy: Hollywood Theme Park for Ankara Paramount Pictures have selected a three million square-metre site in the Turkish Capital upon which to establish Turkey’s first high-profile Theme Park...
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