1. M

    Satellite Dish

    We have a Ross satellite system which we purchased outright. Over 1400 channels, so quite adequate for us! The dish that came with the system is a quite large metal one. It started rusting in the middle a year or so ago, and I was advised by the company to get up and paint it! Easier said...
  2. N

    Anyone got a 110 or 120 cm sat dish for sale

    Has anyone got a 110 or 120 cm sat fish for sale.
  3. I

    Sat. Dish for sale

    2mt tv sat. dish for sale bodrum. 300 lira
  4. tylerbabe

    2 meter satalite dish for sale

    Hd box with 3 months C line left and a 2 meter satalite dish for sale :biggrin:
  5. S

    1.2m Offset Dish

    Could anyone tell me if they are managing to pick up any channels from astra 2a with a 1.2m offset dish? now astra 2b gone not getting discovery realtime et al Need a bigger ofset dish to work with our motor. On a 90cm at the min but don't want to blindly upgrade Thanks robbie
  6. O

    Satellite dish installer wanted in Bahcesehir/Istanbul area

    Hello I need someone to advise me on a suitable dish size for receiving a signal from the co-located Nilesat and Atlantic Bird 4a satellites at 7 degrees W, and to supply and install this dish and help me get set up with my Humax AD Sports/Al Jazeera sports subscription. I've studied the...
  7. W

    Wanted - Table Tennis Table + Satellite Dish + Hammock :)

    Hi All, I wonder if you could all help please. I have just bought a villa in Ovacik and wanted the above items - a Table tennis table (strange requests I know), a satellite dish and receiver as the previous owners took theirs. I also would like a hammock if anhyone has one. I could get...
  8. peterbryant

    Sat Dish

    For sale 1.2 dish with motor , Overcik area 180tl
  9. A

    Sky Dish

    3 meter Sky Dish + Sky Box + all cables for sale Over 200 freesat channels No subscription £200 buyer collects from near Oren Moving house must sell
  10. A

    Nilesat Dish installation

    Hi Can anyone suggest a place from where i can buy a dish and also have them install it for me for Nilesat. I already have a decoder etc and just need someone to come and install a dish.. Any suggestions contacts would be most welcome. Thanks a
  11. M

    5 Metre Satellite Dish

    Serious and sensible offers invited for 5 mtr satellite dish - enables Sky so I'm told. Mounted on substantial metal framework - buyer to arrange removal and transport. Best offer by next Saturday secures. Call Bryan in Ovacik. Home 0252 6167437. Mobile 0531 0850869.
  12. W

    Dish cost

    Going to have a bigger sattelite dish fitted soon, can anyone tell me what a reasonable price would be for a 90cm dish supplied, fitted and tuned in, we are in Yalikavak area. (have allready got cable in place and digibox).Thanks
  13. Ian

    Dreambox and 90cm Sat dish

    Both for sale at 250 lira complete, all you do then is it make a subscription to whichever server you want to receive ITV/Sky/Ch4 etc.
  14. S

    Satellite Dish

    Hi, Can anyone advise me what Satellite Dish I need to get a couple of English Channels. I have an apartment in Didim on a Complex which is on the Ground floor, and every time I come out to my apartment the TV has no Signal. We have a communal Dish on the roof, for which I have no access. Every...
  15. Peaceplant

    British Food - what's your fav dish?

    In another thread a forum member said she was looking for ingredients to make lasagne as she was making British food for her Turkish friends which made me smile though I'm not sure she meant it to come over like that. I've done it myself - cooked for my inlaws - and done things like a full Xmas...
  16. S

    1.5m Dish Astra 28.2

    Any ideas if this setup will manage to get Eurosport UK? Anyone with a 1.5m dish able to let us know what they can receive? Robbie
  17. gally

    Can I get UK channels with a 90cm dish

    Hi all I live in the Manavgat area, east of Antalya and west of Alanya. I have been told I can get 'free to air' channels and dont need to get a digiturk package, and should be able to pick up some 'regular' UK channels (like ITV, BBC etc) with a 90cm dish and receiver, tuned to the Hotbird...
  18. shazyboy

    What size satellite dish do i require?

    A big HI! to all. Is there anyone on this forum using a 1.1m or a 1.2m dish for astra 28.2e degrees in Turkey? If so could you please tell me if you have the following free Asian channels listed on your set which i require. ARY NEWS not (ARY DIGITAL) PTV Global B4U Music I have a dreambox with a...
  19. R

    Satellite Dish

    Where can I buy a 90 cm dish in Altinkum and more importantly how much will it cost me.
  20. teosgirl

    For Sale - 2 metre satellite dish, Izmir area

    We're selling a 2 metre satellite dish, previously used at a restaurant to receive sky sports (world cup year). It will pick up ITV and various other channels. Buyer will need to collect, we're based near Seferihisar, Izmir. Open to offers. Thanks, Charlotte
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