1. C

    Discovering Dalyan and Meeting People

    Having explored the Fethiye Area, where I met some very nice people-who invited me for a walk in their village or welcomed me to their weekly group meetings- I'm now eager to discover Dalyan. Arriving tomorrow. Would appreciate all info you can provide on where I should go to meet expats...
  2. Lemonhead

    Discovering Datca

    I thought this was an interesting article that sums up why many find Turkey so appealing. We can probably replace Datca with our adopted home towns in Turkey and it would have the same effect. The Pull of an Idyll as Years Pass By
  3. S

    Discovering the secrets behind lure of 'Didimland'

    SERDAR ALYAMC IZMIR - Turkish Daily News The mayor of Didim talks about how the number of British residents in Didim is on the rise and how Didim has been turned into a giant construction site due to interest in it from abroad, with new houses going up every other day. 'There are even housing...
  4. VWBug

    Discovering the Black Sea coast

    Turkey’s Black Sea coast is opening up more and more to tourists as the government has invested money in expanding and improving the coast highway and there is now a new airport at Samsun that can handle large Boeing and Airbus planes. The coast, some 700 miles long, extends from mountains...
  5. G

    Discovering the Black Sea coast

    Has anyone on this forum been to the Black Sea (Kara Deniz) area of Northern Turkey before. I don't think this has ever been discussed on this forum before. Its climate is more like Englands with the temperatures cooler and receives a lot more rain than the Aegean or Med coastline. I don't...
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