1. IbrahimAbi

    Zubizu car part discounts?

    I had an interesting experience this week. On Monday I put my VW car in repairs (new petrol pump etc). The garage (main VW dealer)promised to call me when they had investigated the problem and give me a quote. When they called I understood what they were saying but could not understand how it...
  2. G

    Discounts for disability and a companion

    Well perhaps some of u know this but I only found out so thought I would share. I have finally being awarded a life pension for loss of 40%+ of faculty (dont get excitied as it is 87€ which is being taken back as means!) dont ask. AAAGH. But the best thing is that because I have this bit of...
  3. newhorizon

    Discounts off APPLE TODAY ONLY!

    Well ipad2 or not was the queston..which seems to be decided for op. starter. Just thought I'd mention Friday 25 November 2011 is being called Black Friday by many retailers. TODAY Only many retailers are offering discounts including Apple, ipad2 starts at £368 (buy via Quidco Quidco - The...
  4. teosgirl -discounts across Turkey

    Hi, This is an online coupon service which sends you emails about discounts available in your area. I believe there are 6 main cities, including Izmir and Istanbul, which are covered in the search for discounted goods and services. You don't have to sign up exactly, just enter your email...
  5. Sailor

    Aer Lingus Discounts

    For all us Irish out there, Aer Lingus are offering 20 pc off all bookings to Europe, including Izmir direct from Dublin......well worth a look but you must book before 24th Jan....:loony::splat:
  6. newhorizon

    Discounts on places in your City

    Came across a website that offers massive discounts on many events, restaurants, theatre, circus, hairdressers, beauty salons etc. All you do is search for your city in U.K mainly though think there a few international locations and buy the deal going on that day Here are some examples from...
  7. ceemac

    Renault and Fiat Offer Discounts in Turkish Market

    Automakers Renault and Fiat are offering discounts and suitable payment plans to buyers in April. Renault is offering discounts, up to 2,750 TL in the Symbol model, 3,000 TL in Clio HB, 2,000 TL in Megane HB. Fiat on the other hand announced it extended its campaign offering low interest...
  8. Andy

    Amazons Huge Discounts

    As seen in Martins Money Tips Amazon Buying Tricks: Find the web giant’s secret bargain basement...
  9. A

    Mandalya Gardens Gig - Ticket Discounts

    Anyone planning to go to the Special Turkish Night & BBQ at Mandalya Gardens this Friday (10th July) can get 20% discount off ticket prices if you use this reference “AKBUK ROB” but it is only valid if you book by Wed night at the latest. So that’s 20TL instead of 25. Their bookings No is 0531...
  10. lorraine

    Discounts for Fethiye Area

    I have opened this thread to give members of the forum visiting/holidaying in the Fethiye area a chance to make savings. We will see how this works out and if not abused then will hope to introduce the same to other areas on the forum.
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