1. hijo

    Discount on pet food at Migros

    ...... 30 % discount on pet food in Migro,s ......
  2. M

    discount code

    does anyone have the discount code for easy jet for travel to turkey please very much appreciated.
  3. bickern

    Free Zemana AntiMalware 2 (100% discount)

    Just used this and it is pretty fast plus uses a few scan engines. I had to recommend it on Google groups to get the key but if you read there are ways around that but as I am recommending it here I don't have an issue other than to say don't shoot the messenger. Free Zemana AntiMalware 2 (100%...
  4. suzyq

    50% discount on pet food

    Pet food at Migros discounted not sure if other stores are doing it
  5. the bueman

    Warning websites offering discount upon bookings

    Hi All Just booked flights with Ryanair on Wednesday and upon booking the flights I was offered 20euro of my next flight. I almost fell for the scam......they ask you to claim discount of next flight, then ask you to put in your card details.......but be careful......they are nothing to do...
  6. L

    Airline Discount Codes

    Want to book some flights with Lufthansa, does anyone have any discount codes that I can use, thanks Sharon
  7. clare1

    AYDEM Discount!!

    Hi to all those that live here all the time, I dont think this has been posted on here, I had a quick look and couldnt see it....... AYDEM have announced that any permanent resident whose electric bills each month are over 150 lira will be given a 15% discount!!! yippppp that's me!!!! All you...
  8. J


    Tansas and Migros 3rd - 7th January 2013, all dog and cat food and cat litter 40% off
  9. gerald

    Lufthansa discount voucher

    For those that don't fly direct to Turkey this may be of use £10, €15 or €20 Lufthansa discount voucher for free
  10. E

    DASK 20% discount

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Insurance section or here, well in here will find those looking for bargains. If you renew your DASK within 30 days either way of your expiry date on the old one you can get 20% discount on the price of the renewal. I don't know if this is common knowledge...
  11. JBK44

    Discount on CIP lounge and textiles at Dalaman airport

    Hi, Follow the link below, register and download your discount tokens. I have not used the token to date but worth a try. Dalaman airport - good news for KTLN members · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News
  12. gerald

    Monarch 10% discount

    Monarch fly 10% discount code using code MAMAPAPA
  13. gerald

    Resort Hoppa discount code

    Code valid for certain dates only but worth a look, its also worth thinking about booking through a cashback site as you may get additional reduction. Resorthoppa Airport Transfers | Popular Resort & City Destinations
  14. S

    Westwing discount site

    An advert keeps flashing up between posts for Westwing. It looks very similar to Achica in the UK which I used frequently to buy household items at reduced prices. Has anyone tried Westwing in Turkey? I noticed it had quite a few international brands eg Jamie Oliver BacktoBodrum
  15. D

    Monarch discount code

    Hi Could some one let me know the Monarch discount code that is on the backpage of voices this week. Thanks
  16. Rosemary1234

    Resorthoppa Discount Code

    myvouchercodes have a 15% discount code for transfers booked before the end August with resorthoppa
  17. G

    Costco-Like Membership Discount Stores

    Are there any Costco-like discount stores one can join and buy products at quantity discounts/wide range of products? Similarly, are there any reasonably modern-style furniture stores in the Side/Manavgat area? Thanks,
  18. S

    Turkish course-50% discount

    Hello, I would like to inform all group members about my rate for Turkish course. I am making 50% discount for one hour rate. It will be 25 TL per hour per person. Courses will be organised in Izmir. Pls feel free to ask for further questions. Best regards, Selin
  19. Jouster

    Pensioners discount

    Hi all, I only put this in the Fethiye threadbecause that is where I will be next Wednesday, can't wait. :27br: Anyway, when I booked the flights with Turkish Airlines, I did something which I never have before, I read the whole of the Terms and Conditions. Way down the list and tucked in with...
  20. gerald

    Fly Thomas Cook discount code

    Fly Thomas Cook discount code: TCB10OFF I think its 10% off
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