1. immac

    Copying Disc

    I had a real scare yesterday; my power supply to my computer shorted and knocked off all the apartment supply. Repeated (stupid) the experiment a few times to make sure it was the problem. My computer guy eventually came and could not immediately recover the C Drive with everything of...
  2. Fuzzy

    Disc jockey

    Does anybody know of a good English speaking disc jockey with all the equipment in the Bodrum area please ? Many thanks in advance
  3. Spurs

    Lenovo laptop disc drive problem

    Can anyone help please? Bought a laptop (Lenovo) in Turkey last year.........now back in the UK. Prior to leaving Turkey I had a virus on it, got that sorted there but for some reason the disk drive is not working ie disk does not load................any ideas? Ps nothing too technical please
  4. maggie

    photos to disc

    When my net book went funny I lost a lot of my photos I had stored in Picassa. I have these photos in Albumns on my face book . Is there any way I can take these photos from Facebook and some how burn them to disc. If there is how do I do it in simple steps remember please I am a O.A.P ...
  5. I

    Slipped disc question

    As some of you know, I've got weakness in my left leg after a badly herniated disc. What I want to know is from those of you who had this or know someone who did - do I have to have post op physio on my leg? I would really rather not since the op cost a fortune and I don't want to add to that...
  6. I

    Slipped disc!

    I'm having a bad month! Doing the same exercise I've done thousands of times in the gym I felt a sharp pain in the lower back left side and over the past few days the pain got worse and the left leg has become weak and I am limping along. I assumed I'd slipped a disc so I went to the A & E of...
  7. Struggs

    CD/RW Disc problem

    I have 2 CD/RW discs with files on that won't load on the computer. When I put them in the drive nothing happens. I have carefully cleaned them, but still no joy. Anyone know what I can do, one I am not too bothered about, but the other one has loads of photos on. Diane
  8. ceemac

    Nice Tax Disc Holder

    Anybody like one of these? C
  9. P

    Free Sony mini disc disks..

    If anyone still uses a Sony Mini Disc player and wants 2 free 74 min disks, PM me your address and I will send them to you - they are cluttering my desk and will be finding themselves in the bin very soon unless someone wants them!
  10. shirleyanntr

    getting disc space

    i think there is a way to free up some space..something about cookies..or other bakery products?? help..im getting messages that my disc is full up
  11. T

    Cleaning up disc drive.

    Anyone got a routine for cleaning up your PC disc drive. I have an 80G drive which ran out of space this morning, I've deleted all the temp files, movies etc I can think of and now have 19G free, but I'm sure I could free up some more space. Cheers, TJD
  12. Struggs

    Photos on CD/RW Disc

    I have started to save my photos on a CD/RW. How do you arrange them in the order you want, not alphabetical as happens.
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