1. millilove76

    My dating disasters

    Been having a reflective day and just been chatting to a friend who's had a odd date night and well it got me thinking. Not sure i should be telling you this but...Someone bought me membership and wrote a profile for me years ago when i was single on datingdirect.com (an online dating site). I...
  2. shirleyanntr

    disasters and other bad news

    this week its one disaster after another in the news and im finding it very harrowing. The Earthquake in China at first didn't make big headlines until the death count went up. İt seems that thousands dead is more newsworthy than one or two. İ am not unsympathetic and i really wish i could do...
  3. rosewall1

    Christmas Disasters

    It seems to me that something always happens at Christmas, one year we invited 2 Turkish families for Christmas Dinner and neither turned up. This year I have the worst cold on record and could not have cooked a christmas dinner if my life depended on it but fortunately my son invited us to...
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