1. paddington bear

    Disability items for sale

    I have the following items for sale - 1. Lightweight aluminium fold up wheelchair, this was bought in July 2016 and used for about 5 weeks so is like new, also a footpump to blow up the tyres which has been used once. Price 355 tl. 2. Zimmer frame, hardly used. Price 25 tl. 3. Commode...
  2. G

    Discounts for disability and a companion

    Well perhaps some of u know this but I only found out so thought I would share. I have finally being awarded a life pension for loss of 40%+ of faculty (dont get excitied as it is 87€ which is being taken back as means!) dont ask. AAAGH. But the best thing is that because I have this bit of...
  3. Mojive

    Afghan-Hero Stripped of his disability payments!

    This Story has just popped up on my facebook as a friend signed the petition,is the decision right or wrong?Im interested on your thoughts on this. Becks’ Afghan hero stripped of disability payments | The Sun |News Mo xx
  4. 7


    Hi can anyone tell me if there is any where i can hire a mobility scooter for a 17stone 7 lb man in sept 2 weeks please
  5. ceemac

    Supermarket parking limits 'breach' disability laws

    The UK's big supermarkets are breaking disability laws by having strict time limits in about two-thirds of their car parks, charities have told the BBC. Here C
  6. C

    Disability vehicle hire

    Hi, Does anybody know of a company that hires vehicles that are suitable for a family with a wheelchair bound son. They would love to visit Turkey but want to do there own thing but not in a big group of others. Any feed back welcome. Regards.
  7. J

    disability scooter

    Does anyone know if anywhere hires these out. My dad hopes to visit us this summer and without one we'll stuggle. Thanks
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