1. juco

    Directory enquiry charges.

    Must be years since I used this facility, but............ How the cost of 118 calls varies, for a 90 second call! Telecom2* £19.98 Hello Maureen £11.23 118118 (TNUK) £11.23 118500 (BT) £3.10 Yell £6.88 118180 (Virgin)** £2.25 118402 (O2) £1.88 Post Office £1 * A very small percentage...
  2. A

    Turkish telephone directory on-line?

    This is an ignorant question ... but what is the url for Turkey's telephone directory? Thanks!
  3. ceemac

    UK Mobile Phone Directory

    Next week all UK mobiles will be on a directory meaning that anyone will be able to get your number. This will more than likely be used by commercial interests and you may receive unsolicited texts, messages and calls. You can however have your number removed from this directory which...
  4. P

    UK mobile Phone directory: Opt out

    You may or may not know that the 118800 mobile phone directory is live and they will probably have your mobile phone number. If you dont want them to use it you can opt out using this link; Remove Me Although, having just tested it to try and find some peoples numbers it seems pretty useless...
  5. Lindacm

    Tradesman directory.

    Hi, Has anyone who has lived in Dalaman for some time thought of writing a directory of local good & reliable tradesmen? Maybe we can all pool our tradesmen, (who we can recommend) in to a directory? Just a thought! I can recommend a good marble tradesman. Linda
  6. spitfire

    Free Directory Enquiries

    Taken from todays Mail Directory enquiries becomes free again today, as long as you are prepared to listen to a 20-second advertising pitch before getting your number. The launch of 0800 100 100 signals the end of what many have called the rip-off of the 118 system which replaced the old...
  7. Martyn

    Free directory enquiries.

    You need a space in the post code.
  8. merlin

    National Directory of Private Service Numbers....

    Turkish Telekom do suprisingly distribute regional directories however, I havent seen one for a few years now. Here is a list of the important numbers that are nationally recognised. 118 is the Turkish equivalent for Directory Enquiries however, there is no guarantee that the person you...
  9. merlin

    Free UK Directory Enquiries....

    No I havent gone mad [8D] Free directory enquiries.... 0800 019 2190 AND they do not insist on making the call Thanks to Steve Sheldon and Mushtaq for doing the legwork! Merv! Should now be getting some free drinks in Tinkum when you all arrive :D
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