1. S

    Directions to Seki

    Does anyone know which bus I could get along the D400 from Konakli to Dirmitaş. As I need to go to SekI .
  2. C

    Side directions

    Hi, we are coming from Alanya to Side La Grande Resort & Spa, llica mah. Kumkoy bulv. No 91 Side 07600, can anyone give us directions please from the D400 Thanks
  3. T

    directions to cigdem dentist

    Hello, If someone has already visited Cigdem Yayan the dentist in tasyaka, can you please give me directions of her office if I am coming from fethiye on the dolmus. Much appreciated - tijax
  4. P

    New Breakfast Place. . Directions

    Re Babes123 thread . . . " Nice place for breakfast " There are actually two Kahvalti Evi along that road ( Kayacik Caddesi ) which do Kahvalti. The larger one in Babes thread and 100 metres Further up the hill another one called Asmali Cardak. Both on right as you go SSW up Kayacik Cd...
  5. J

    urgent help and directions please

    hi my daughter needs to get a flight to th UK to the London Consulate (Turkish) to get a certificate of Impediment to allow her to marry in North Cyprus. What is the closest airport to this place please and how far from the airport is it? Our nearest airport is Adana but willing to travel to...
  6. G

    Best supermarket in dalaman and directions

    We are staying at botanic gardens June time and are hiring a car for the day too go get a big shop for the week , where is best that sells stuff including beer , meats etc and directions to it , all comments greatly appreciated thanks xx :24:
  7. J

    Directions to Yalikavak from Akbuk

    Hi I am in Akbuk at present where I have an apartment. Can someone please advise of the best way for me to visit Yalikavak from Akbuk. I do not have my own transport, can I get there by Dolmus? Would love to have a day out there, sounds a great place. Many thanks
  8. Q

    "No speak English."

    Has anybody else been told this when attempting to ask for directions in Turkish? I've had it happen twice each in Alasehir and Mersin, both of which I spent less than a day in; and once in Konya, where I spent two days. It's frustrating both because 1. it implies that I'm rude enough to go up...
  9. T

    driving directions Izmir airport to Altinkum

    hi we have choose to hire a car while over for xmas & the new year & wondered if anyone can give me detailed directions driving from Izmir airport to altinkum........ Thankyou in advance
  10. D

    Directions: Dalaman to Datca, please!

    I know that I posted about a 'wandering' holiday a while ago but since then we have had a death in the family & lots of hassle. Therefore we have decided that we are just going to go straight to Datca, in our hire car, and F L O P for 2 weeks!! Can't wait. 2 weeks today!! I do have a map & I...
  11. davet

    Directions to Alsancak

    Hi, I am considering driving from Fethiye to Izmir to meet with Soyer International movers to arrange custom clearance and onward transportation of my recently arrived (from UK) goods. The address for the company is Alsancak. Can anyone please help with directions? Or is it easier to just to...
  12. S

    Royal Heights - Directions from Bodrum Airport and Wi Fi?

    Dear All, I arrive at Bodrum Airport for our first family visit to Royal Heights late next Tuesday night. Does any one have idiot proof driving instructions from the airport to RH? Also is there Wi Fi at or close to RH? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  13. E

    Directions to Baris Sitesi

    Has anyone got precise directions as to how to get from Bodrum Airport to Baris Sitesi outside Yalikavak?. I've been there numerous times and know how to find my way there but need to give directions to friends and find that I'm not being very clear........thank you!
  14. L

    Urgent help - Directions to office of Ozge Cil, Solicitor please

    Hi, we need the directions to the office of Ozge Cil, a Solicitor in Didim. I understand it is near to the big Mosque (the one which is being renovated) so need directions from there please. Much appreciated for your help with this, Thank you:dance:
  15. Jack Scott

    Directions to Ikea

    Hi. We're driving up to Ikea in Izmir and I gather it's a bit of a trek? Does anyone have a simple (idiot's) guide to driving from Yalikavak to Ikea please? Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I'm still getting my head around the Forum. Thanks a million. Jack
  16. donss

    directions to Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa

    Can anyone give me directions to (or a map of the area) Marmalik, Deniz Yolu, Gazipaşa, coming from Side / Manavgat??? Thanks in advance.
  17. A


    Hi folks, could anyone give me directions to Goldsands 1 complex from say Tansas on Attaturk, its near to Aquamarine apts and i think Prestige apts. Thankyou.
  18. R

    Directions from Akbuk to Hotel Gulec Bodrum or Bodrum Castle?

    Hello been trying to find directions online from Akbuk to a Hotel in Bodrum called Hotel Gulec, Uckuyular St. No:18 Bodrum / Turkiye, tried Google Maps and Multimap with no luck. I know the Hotel is near The Castle, so directions to there would be wonderful. Thanks in advance for your...
  19. J

    directions to Bodrum from Didim

    Hi there Can anyone tell me where the bus station is in Bodrum and how to get there from Didim? Many thanks.
  20. bob75

    Directions to Yalikavak Beach

    Hi, Can someone give us good directions on the best way to find the beach at Yalikavak and a good place to park, we will be driving from Bodrum. Any tips or advice appreciated :) Thanks, Lynda.x
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