1. Tenpin

    Artificial intelligence to direct traffic in Istanbul

    What could possibly go wrong :wow: :wow: Extract: The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) project to ease the city’s notorious traffic jams, daily...
  2. H

    Best bank for direct debits

    After owning a property in Akyaka for 17 years we've decided to start paying our own Bill's and to open a bank account. Some friends have told me of problems paying water Bill's be direct debit but surely some banks must have the facility. Any advice? Thanks.
  3. V

    New British Airways London Gatwick to Antalya direct route launched today

    I had totally missed this, but luckily for me my daughter told me about it tonight. British Airways have released direct flights from Gatwick to Antalya, starting on 30th April next year & going up until almost the end of September. Currently you can get return flights for just under £140. You...
  4. G

    First Direct Bank

    Hi does anyone use firstdirect bank to transfer funds from uk to turkey, and is it correct that there are no charges?
  5. pembelu

    flat for sale direct from owner (Calis/ Fethiye)

    2+1 ground floor garden flat for sale direct from owners (Turkish/English speaking) location Calis /Fethiye. 1 block with 4 flats & big shared pool. our flat has its own private entrance some furniture included. Both entrance & main balkony are enclosed with glass sliding doors offers around...
  6. M

    direct flights from amsterdam to gazipasa

    There is a direct flight from amsterdam to gazipasa using transavia aircraft. This is a charter flight so I cannot book it with transavia. can you advise me how I can book this flight. Which tour operator do I need to contact? Thanking you
  7. A

    Aydem Direct Debits

    Beware that for some obscure reason Aydem Electricity have changed the contract numbers and this is playing havoc with the Banks and the Direct Debits that are set up to pay bills ,the Banks just don't recognise the new numbers and reject the DD claim ,this is the situation in Altinkum,Akbuk and...
  8. A

    Belfast to Antalya and to Dalaman direct next summer

    Jet2 will be flying directly to Antalya and also to Dalaman from Belfast once a week in June and July 2018 .. see here ... x Angela in Side x :3:
  9. H

    Water bill by direct debit

    I've been led to understand that many Turkish banks do not facilitate the payment if water rates by direct debit. Can somebody tell me a bank that does Thanks.
  10. mollag

    Direct from the Lodge.

    The Lady is so busy she dressed for the Orange Lodge meeting instead of the Cabinet.
  11. B

    Owners direct new competitor

    Guys who rent out and are getting fed up with Owners direct please check out a well funded emerging competitor . They will be taking overseas property in a few weeks and will be including Turkey A one off annual fee and no "service " charge . Simply Owners | Simple and Direct Holiday Rentals...
  12. M

    Paying water bill by Direct Debit

    Does anyone know how to set up automatic payment of the water bill? This now comes from the Mugla Buyuksehir not from the Datca Belediye, and I have no arrangements in place to pay it automatically. Instead I have to go to the Belediye and pay it in cash. There has to be a better way! Has...
  13. T

    Owners Direct ID etc scam

    Hi, We rent out our villa via Owners Direct. We have had some problem this year regarding the advert, so have been in contact with OD - all now resolved. However, we then received an email purportedly from them in the following terms: As part of our standard quality control procedures, your...
  14. K

    Stansted to Antalya direct

    Hi Does anyone know when Thomas Cook start flying again from Stansted to Antalya, i know Pegasus fly daily, but it is via Istanbul.
  15. Tommie

    Kusadasi - Didim direct bus

    Has anyone heard anything about a direct bus service between Kusadasi and Didim as I thought I read something about it a few months ago? I know you have to go via Soke at the moment.
  16. JBK44

    owners direct beware

    On BBC watchdog, fraudsters hacked into payment transactions. Always pay by Visa credit cards or similar to protect your transaction and always call the owner before making any payments.
  17. Helenm150

    Direct Debit Car Tax UK?

    Is this a legitimate website for purchasing car tax - I wasn't aware you could purchase on line?:
  18. Ian2006

    Manchester to Dalaman - direct Winter Flights 2015

    I know they said it was going to happen from Gatwick and Manchester this year but then only happened from Gatwick - but Flythomascook have now listed their direct "winter" flights from Manchester to Dalaman starting from February 12th 2015 and it is a weekly service :D
  19. SAMIMI

    No more direct flights from Cork to Bodrum

    The flights from Cork to Bodrum/Izmir, Shannon to Bodrum/Izmir and Dublin to Bodrum and Izmir with Thomas Cook are to be cancelled. This rout was so handy, over 300 passengers on each plane every weekend from may to end of September will mean a big loss to the Bodrum area. Those of us with...
  20. 5

    Any direct flights from UK to Turkey during winter?

    hi everyone from a very wet south wales ive been looking on my laptop all day for a direct flight out to bodrum or izmir so that we can get to altinkum i know easyjet dont start from bristol till march dont fancy a long wait at istanbul to get connection any help thanks ppl
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