1. S

    Xmas dinner at hotel/restaurants

    It never ceases to amaze me the exorbitant price charged for Xmas Day din dins in hotels and restaurants A newspaper article recently here highlighted some of our local prices with the most expensive being £115!!!! Anyone know of any even higher than that extortionate price?
  2. S

    TLF Members Xmas dinner

    A Xmas dinner thread got me thinking maybe we could have a TLF Chrissy Din Dins All we need is someone with a posh house to host, couple of our more competent members to cook etc Mushtaq has kindly offered to pay for the food and Spurs will pick up the booze bill with his winnings from his...
  3. E

    Christmas dinner

    Does anyone know if any hotels/restaurants are doing Christmas dinner in the Koycegiz, Dalyan, Fethiye region this year?
  4. teosgirl

    Tourists in Bodrum eat the worlds most expensive dinner

    Tourists in Bodrum eat ?the world?s most expensive dinner? - TOURISM I agree that prices in some resorts are getting out of hand, tourists often seem to be the target of higher prices. This practice needs to be halted otherwise it will inevitably effect tourism in the future. Charlotte
  5. R

    Dinner to raise money for Yalikavak street dogs

    Hello everyone! I am am so happy to be back from America. Missed all my friends and furry ones. We are in need of funds to continue spay neuter program so we have joined up with the established Bodrum animal welfare group. Dinner is at devil Sultan restaurant across dom municipality building...
  6. christella

    Who would you like as a guest for xmas dinner

    If you could choose anybody to join you for xmas day Who would you choose Me it's got to be Ray Winston my hero
  7. T

    who's having christmas dinner at Olivia's

    is anyone planning to have Christmas dinner at Olivia's Akbuk.
  8. R

    GALA DINNER AND CONCERT, 30.03.2013, Alanya

    GALA DINNER AND CONCERT 30.03.2013, 19:30 Banana Beach Club Hotel Police Wives Welfare Association would love to invite you, your friends and family to a Gala Dinner and concert with our staff and district managers which will be held in the honour of our organization and to strengthen the...
  9. W

    Valentines dinner

    Great night out at the Nil in Calis, Great food plus live Entertainment and good company, Pity there was not many from Dalaman.
  10. SLEEPY

    I smell dinner!

    Great video clip of when a polar bear gets a whiff of the BBC camera man. Must say the guy remains fairly cool, I personally would have wet myself! Video: BBC cameraman films close call with polar bear in new nature documentary - Telegraph
  11. N

    Places for Christmas dinner?

    Hey, does anyone know any good places to eat a western Christmas dinner? Feels like a bit of a long shot but thought I might ask around anyway! On the cheaper end would be better btw :)
  12. S

    Xmas Dinner

    Any bars doing a decent Turkey din dins in Umbongo this year
  13. maggie

    Bhosphorous Dinner Cruise.

    Im going to Istanbul for my 60th Birthday ,I have been deliberating whether to go on one of their evening dinner cruises . Looking on trip advisor there are mixed reviews . Would I do better to spend my £100 on a nice resturant meal instead. Any one been on one of these cruises are they worth...
  14. I

    IWAI Valentines Dinner Balcova

    IWAI St. Valentine’s Dinner and Dance Izmir Konagi Restaurant, Balcova 7 pm Saturday 18 February 2012 Please join us with your partners for a festive menu and romantic music in the luxurious atmosphere of this famous Izmir Restaurant! Please RSVP to anna_elibol@yahoo.com before 14 February...
  15. I

    IWAI womens dinner

    Please see the details below for this months dinner IWAI January Dinner – January 31st, 19:00 Dear Ladies, You are kindly invited to join us for January IWAI Dinner on the 31st fo January at 19:00 at MEZZALUNA Konak Pier Restaurant. menu which will cost 30 TL per person (a file of the...
  16. peter the postie

    How did my Xmas dinner attempt go...

    Thanks to everyone who offered advice, especially the steamer tip!! I pulled it off without too many irritating moments, and the dinner was well recieved by all. I even had time to have a bit of fun in doing it as you can see :)
  17. suzyq

    The chemo-proof Christmas dinner

    With Christmas approaching, supermarket shelves heave with delicious festive food. But for the thousands of Britons having chemotherapy for cancer treatment, the prospect of succulent roast turkey, flaky mince pies and moist, fruity Christmas cake can literally turn the stomach. Lifesaving...

    Pre christmas dinner

    Just got back from a lovely sunny day in Ortakent at the annual Pre Christmas Dinner which was a huge success................ Plenty of people turned up and many thanks to all at VERA'S Vicky, Mustafa and staff were great..Food was lovely as was the setting....:255ji:
  19. ted j

    Finished early Friday dinner

    So we got there early got stuck in putting in the bollards Kept our heads down, knowing this was the last job of the day, and once we'd done, the rest of the weekend was ours , all we had to do was drop the van back at the yard and that's it
  20. willip

    2 dogs eating their dinner

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