1. mollag

    A dilema for Yalides!

    Des is having problems getting into the social swing outside of Turkey, This from his favourite social club. :becky:
  2. C

    Olive oil dilema!

    Hi I am not new to this site but have not been on here for a while. I have several olive trees in my garden and working my way to picking them all off but want to know what to do with them once they are all picked. Is there a press in Uzumlu that a can take them to or do i have to go further...
  3. immac

    Cats Dilema

    Planning a few weeks in UK during the summer I am unsure whether to use a cattery for my two cats, or a stranger to come in (people advertise in local paper to provide this service) every few days. The cats get on well together but they are house cats and don't leave the apartment. My concerns...
  4. E

    Shipping Service dilema

    Hi all, Is there anyone who can recommend a good International Shipping Service. I am about to move to Bodrum from Seattle - and god knows i am lost, don't even know where to start. Anyways, have surfed the net constantly and all the shipping sites claim to be trustworthy, which am sure they...
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