1. J


    No premiership football!!!
  2. yalimart

    Digiturk Office in Turgutreis or Bodrum

    Any one know where the main Digiturk office is in Turgutreis or Bodrum, where you can return your box to cancel your contract, has to be a main office, I know the Bodrum one was beside the HSBC but I think it has moved. Martin
  3. D

    Satelite Digiturk or VPN access?

    Me and my Turkish partner have just moved into a new apartment and looking into tv & internet packages. However, I don't really watch tv and if I do its only English channels and neither does my partner, so is it really worth us paying for digiturk and a satelite dish and just pay for...
  4. Spike

    F1 on Digiturk

    F1 is on Digiturk channel LIGTV2 (channel 8), no access code needed. Qualifying on now, race tomorrow 15.00 hrs
  5. F

    Help with Digiturk in the UK - PLEASE!

    Hi I wonder if anyone might be able to help me. My Dad is Turkish, but lives in London. He subscribes to Digiturk, but I was wondering if there is another Turkish television provider in the UK that might be available as we absolutely hate Digiturk? They are constantly switching channels...
  6. A

    Digiturk office

    Hi Can anybody please tell me where the Digiturk office is in Alanya. Thankyou
  7. A

    Watch Digiturk in other room

    Hi guys Seeking some help figuring out how we can watch Digiturk in our bedroom. I'd like to be able to watch Digiturk in our bedroom from our main box in our small front room but don't want another box and have to pay for another add-on package or whatever it is (already have this in our...
  8. Carolyn

    Digiturk International News Channels

    Morning all! Turned on the tv earlier to catch up with the news only to discover that all of our international news channels have vanished. I've tried retuning the box and all the other stuff seems to be alive and well but today seems to be a no news day - has anyone else got the same problem?
  9. paddington bear

    Digiturk - Tour de France

    I have just turned Digiturk Eurosport channel 371 on to watch the Tour de France and the commentary is in Turkish, Eurosport is in English on channel 70 and 72. Has anyone else got this problem. Sue
  10. J

    Commonwealth games on Digiturk?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the commonwealth games will be shown on Digiturk? if so, what channel please :thanks: Jan
  11. S

    Digiturk problem

    Anyone experiencing problems with their Digiturk channels? I was watching it and screen went blank, then came back on with completely unknown programming- mostly German and Austrian, but quite a bit from Indonesia. Nothing which is on regular platform- maybe the satellite shifted!
  12. perfect1949

    A big thank you to digiturk

    Thank You digiturk with no English commentary I can now say Rooney in Turkish . Dave and Shirley
  13. perfect1949

    come on digiturk get your act together

    If like me that subscribe to digiturk for the English premier league games, you most have been disappointed that the commentary was in Turkish . There was no warning about this , is it a one off or is that it for the season . Come on digiturk please don't keep your customers in the dark. Dave...
  14. paddington bear

    Premier league on digiturk

    The premier league channel on digiturk seems to have disappeared, has anyone else had this problem? I have been trying to ring digiturk about this problem but am unable to get through. Sue
  15. perfect1949

    is there a digiturk main office in turgutreis

    does anybody know if there is a digiturk office in turgutreis so i can pay a bill for my friends . don't fancy going all the way to bodrum again but if i af tto i will . thanks for your help in advance . dave and shirley
  16. perfect1949

    digiturk is so frustrating

    went to the main office in bodrum toady to pay my friends digiturk bill for august , being the first of august today i thought that would be fine ho no . the payment can only be paid on the payment day that being the seventh of august , i said why cant i pay now , the girl said computer say's...
  17. B

    Free Digiturk ?

    Has anyone subscribed to these packages ? D?G?T√úRK ?NTERNET PAKET? D-SMART ?NTERNET PAKET?
  18. Helenm150

    Cancelling Digiturk

    I have just called Digiturk to cancel my long standing subscription and have been told I have to fax a copy of my passport, smart card number, phone number, reason for cancellation and signature to them - I can't just do it over the phone and neither can I email them - they are supposed to then...
  19. B

    Digiturk channel E2

    Is it me or are the adverts gone to silent mode or I have got my settings wrong? Language is set to original ?
  20. djmagic

    digiturk signal

    hi there people... many of you may be losing your digiturk tv due to the rain and winds... we also lose the signal however i am thinking its more often than others .. So my question is on channel 115 bbc entertainment my signal strength is 100% and quality is 45%. is this about right (sat am...
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