1. E


    Hello, can anyone offer advice please. My digi box is broken and the one I had offered just 4 or 5 English channels. It they had almost back to back films. It's now broken and I'm being told that any I get will have to be a yearly fee. The old one I had had no such fee. I have a satellite on...
  2. M


    Hi Everyone, Hoping someone can shed some light on Digi boxes. We have just had a cold call from Digiturk with a promotional offer on the newer Digiboxes, which you can record shows to watch at a later date. Does anyone have this? Is there a limit to how many shows you can record? Any info...
  3. H

    pace digibox

    can anyone tell me if an english pace digibox works in turkey:bowl:
  4. Mushroom

    Digibox blown up !!

    Due to some sort of power surge caused by a short circuit in the electrics at our place, our tenant rang me with the bad news that our Digiturk box had literally gone up in a puff of smoke! The system was only installed last April and he informs me that a new box could be in the region of about...
  5. C

    Sky Digibox Satellite system For Sale

    If anyone is interested in setting up a Sky Satellite system in the Bodrum area then I have one for sale. All the units were purchased in the UK and were brought into Turkey with the intention of installing a system with the addition of a dish. With a little bit more research it now looks as...
  6. mikep

    Sat Tv / Digibox

    Hi all, My apartment has satellite TV pre-installed (ie there's a dish on the roof and a socket in the lounge). Can I buy a digibox in the UK to take over which will allow me to view English channels in Alanya ? Any advice gratefully received. Mike.
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