1. Z

    4th Digging Machine Arrives

    This morning a 4th excavator arrived on site, and surprising perhaps as it's now a route i can't drive or even a walk my family can't take to Tansas without having angry finger pointing locals harass them, it drove onto site just as the other machines did via the original access. What actual...
  2. Bibby

    Digging herself in, nicely (bad language warning)

    My Tram Experience - YouTube When she asked the Jamaican lady where she came from, the reply was "A lady" Now THAT is class. I am wondering if Social Services will be on to this cretin, she is clearly drunk 'in charge' of this child. It makes me shudder to think of his upbringing and his...
  3. Andy

    Digging Deep

    One day little Johnny was digging a hole when his neighbour seeing him there decides to investigate. Watcha doin Johnny " he asks " My Goldfish died and i'm burying him, replies Johnny. But thats an awfully big hole for a Goldfish, is'nt it Johnny asks the neighbour. Little Johnny shouts back...
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