1. Bubskar

    Ditching Dig

    Ok that's the last straw. Those barstewards Digiturk. They raised the price of the Movie Package so I went back to Family Packet (40 odd tl). Quite frankly I don't watch much tv in the summer, but tonight was looking forward to Eastenders and the rest. I only really watch BBC Entertainment...
  2. KKOB

    What If I Dig A Very Deep Hole ?

    Have you ever wondered where you'd end up if you dug a hole straight down to the other side of the world ? Tall Eye - If I dig a very deep hole, where will I end up?
  3. Pygmallion

    Ministers set to 'dig' Didim Marina

    Full Article form Voices Newspaper A TANTALISING view of the Aegean’s newest $50 million marina which is set to dominate the Didim coastline has been unveiled for the first time. As the exciting plans for the 287,000 m2 marina were released, it was announced that three Government ministers...
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