1. B

    Are there any differences?

    Having had a less than happy experience with an estate agent in Northern Cyprus can anyone tell me if they are regulated with the same way as those in Turkey. If they are different what are the significant changes that I should expect?
  2. newhorizon

    Differences between English and Turkish People

    This video below compares the differences between English and Turkish people in the following scenarios: the number of cousins; navigation; tutting; weddings; family discipline; arguments in parliament; and resolving disputes. .... eh, Enjoy! http://youtu.be/lrDbofSX6dE
  3. S

    Ladies; cultural differences can catch you out

    This subject matter is old hat now, but something quite unpleasant happened a couple of days ago, so I'll relate it as an example of how you really have to be careful about the differences in our cultures. We have a good circle of Turkish friends in the village where I live, drawn together by...
  4. A

    Alanya/Bodrum differences

    I would like to ask people who knows Bodrum and Alanya , what are the differences? I know Alanya. I`m living here last 4 years but never been in Bodrum. I`ll appreciate some info in this subject.
  5. shirleyanntr

    differences between us an them

    yesterday i was telling Yusuf about some news i had from uk this week. My cousins son who has three kids found his wife in bed with his best mate..after the fight or whatever they divorced and now shes married the best mate and pregnant. M y cousin is looking after the three grandchildren and...
  6. D

    Changes in Akbuk or Altinkum?!

    Happy new year! Just wanted to know if any of the roads have changed in Akbuk or anything changed in Altinkum/Didim? Also, what was the winter like there this year? Keep me updated :goof:
  7. ceemac

    Differences Between Men & Women

    Recognize anything or anybody here? heheh A man has six items in his bathroom - a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap and a towel. The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 437. A man would not be able to identify most of these items. When a man...
  8. A

    Huge differences in house prices

    Is there anyone who had bought a home from Kusadasi REALEST Properties, they have a villa for sale at €46000 while another real estate agent (who was recommended to me by buyers I could phone etc. and did) has the same villa for €65000 :animation -what is the tale here !!! and Happy Paddy's day...
  9. shirleyanntr

    differences in culture

    i thought i would tell you this little bit both for interest and also to highlight some differences in culture and attitudes. Last week Yusufs friend knocked a man down in Antakya. Today we had news that this man is not well and is now in intensive care. We don't know whose fault the accident...
  10. shirleyanntr

    about differences in negatives and question marker

    this is about the difference between ME/MA..the negative and Mİ..for questions. these are easily mixed up to make any verb negative you put M-ME-MA after the stem or root ME is used for dotted vowel words MA is used for undotted vowel words. E or A is dropped when the negative comes...
  11. Pennie

    Cultural differences

    Whilst at the bar last night, the girls and I were sitting around a table and talking amongst ourselves. Beth's boyfriend Bulut and Ches's boss Erol joined us. Anyway, firstly Ches and Beth were saying they had to ring there dad to bring some Tampax over from the UK as they are difficult to get...
  12. leylaasena

    what are the differences between visas'

    Can someone explain to me what a retirement visa is? How does it differ from a residence permit? Who can get them? Are they cheaper? Does it have to be renewed every 5 years? And how do you apply for one? Etc.etc.
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