1. T

    Is there any difference between opening an account for a foreigner and Turkish?

    Hello, Turkish guys please answer my question. When you go to open a new account in bank do they say you that you should wait for a central bank to prove this account?! When I go to any banks they say to me that you should wait. Today for example akbank say that the central akbank should prove...
  2. bal canavar

    Difference Paris Ankara

    Its telling and revealing to see the response of the French Govts/ president to the PARIS attack and massacre , and to Turkeys Govts/ president response on the ANKARA's attack , as pointed out by one of the few critical papers left in Turkey the TARAF . French reaction . RESPONSE...
  3. R

    Difference between Galaxy s5 and Note 3

    Other than the stylus. Are there any major differences with these NOTE phones? The specs seam close. Need a phone soon. Want a big screen. Dont think I will use the stylus. Is there something special about the Note series?
  4. Spurs

    Whats the difference?

    Can someone tell me what is the difference between a Mosque & an Islamic Centre? I ask because after another attack on a property in the UK, some reports are saying "Mosque" some are saying "Islamic Centre".
  5. arrian

    Spot the difference?

  6. bickern

    difference between 'complete' and 'finished'

    No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words 'complete' and 'finished' in a way that's so easy to understand: Some people say there is no difference between COMPLETE & FINISHED but, there is an explanation, as told by a Newfoundlander!!!!!! When you marry...
  7. shirleyanntr

    what a difference a year makes

    i bet many of you are feeling the same as me i just want to share with you the feelings we have when we look back a year ago i'd just had an op and had pins plates and other heavy duty armoury screwed in my leg to put me together again...a bit like Humpty Dumpty who couldnt be put...
  8. shirleyanntr

    difference between manslaughter and murder

    ive been following the tragic case of Jo Yeates who was killed last December by her neighbour. He has admitted manslaughter but denies murder. He killed her by strangling her and there were numerous other injuries to her body So how can it be manslaughter
  9. C

    age difference is important in love? in marriage?

    We read the thread of Bertha that she paid for her toyboy much money for operations,work...etc. i cannot believe that if a man/woman is over 55 can be lover with a boy/girl age between 18-25 if they dont have enough power..(money,job.etc) I want to know what the TLF members think about this?? Do...
  10. lara

    Saddam/Gadaffi, same difference?

    David Cameron may take us into Libya without a UN madate because he fears Gaddaffi may have chemical weapons, are we heading for another Iraq? One of the options is to arm the rebels, but seeing has we've been arming Gadaffi for years this should lead us down an interesting road. Other...
  11. M

    difference in prices

    i have just booked flights to antalya for the weekend and cant believe the difference in prices at different airports. as we live 20 mins from newcastle we normally fly from there but the flight was coming up at £282 plus baggage. my hubby works in wales so we looked at flights from bristol, his...
  12. S

    time difference

    Would someone be so kind as to tell me the time difference between UK and Turkey. Thank you.
  13. ceemac

    The networking difference

    Note to Mushtaq and Mods: I've posted this newspaper article though it does make reference to another Turkish forum. If there's a rule breach, feel free to remove. Mack James, who’s British and lives in Antalya, is a very good example of how being positive and proactive can make living abroad...
  14. zozatky

    The Difference

    Is there a difference between the Italians & the Turkish. Login | Facebook
  15. bobthenob

    Terminator with a difference

    Sometimes in life,one comes along that just splits your sides with so much laughter.When l read this on Yahoo about a man walking along the road claiming to be the terminator from the future,really tickled me. lt reminds me some of the bazaar way of thinking l would do to put a point through. l...
  16. P

    Spot the difference..

    Dont know if this will work but gonna give it a go anyway. Can you spot the five differences between the two pictures; Message - TurkishLiving Photo Gallery Message - TurkishLiving Photo Gallery
  17. val2661

    Price difference with thomas cook

    I booked a single flight yesterday with Thomas Cook. 31st May Stansted to Antalya at a very good price of £59.95. Today I went to book the same flight for a friend who had decided to travel with me, and it was £157 (reduced from £162). I know I got my flight at a very cheap price, but how...
  18. Dalaman Deli

    The Difference Between Men and Women

    Just got this in an e-mail and had to share it. I am still laughing at the truth of it. It came under the heading of 'Men are just happier people'. Not sure if that is true though. NICKNAMES If Laura, Kate and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Kate and Sarah . If...
  19. A

    difference between turkish and english man

    merhaba english women!i am very curious about this.the difference between an english and turkish man.i mean the character!bye.ciao
  20. K

    Time Difference UK-Turkey

    I know the difference is two hours in the summer. What is the time difference when the clocks go back in October. I assume its 1 hour in winter but some Euro countries also change their clock by a hour. Can anyone help.
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