1. T

    Go on diet or lose benefits, obese told

    I don't know if this would ever happen and I don't agree that obese people should have their benefits cut. The article also states: Alcoholics, drug addicts and others with 'treatable conditions' could also face being stripped of their sickness payments. I don't think public funds should pay...
  2. bickern

    Ultimate 5:2 diet for her and him

    This may be of interest to others like me, that know they have expanded their waistline, (mine was expanded to start with), over the festive season and need to do something. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW DOES IT WORK? One of the main...
  3. P

    Raspberry Ketone diet

    Has anyone tried this diet pill. Denise Welch claims this is contributory factor to her weight loss, as many others are endorsing. I would be interested to know if you know of anyone who has tried it, or heard about it. I know diet and exercise is the way to go. Lack of willpower affects a...
  4. L

    Slimming Club in Dalyan

    SLIMMING CLUB Get a few extra pounds as an unwanted Christmas present this year? Why not join our slimming club. Our 1st class will be 11:30am starting Tuesday 7th Janurary and weekly thereafter. Classes will last for approximately 1 hour where we will do a weigh in measuring weight, (and...
  5. arrian

    Definition of diet...........

    D. I. E. T. 'did I eat that'!!!!!!
  6. D

    Where can I buy diet fanta/slimline tonic??

    Have tried Bim,Tansas and Carrefour to no avail - any ideas anyone????
  7. F

    Buying medicine pharmacy

    Can I buy qysmia/qsiva or phentermine in pharmacies in Turkey? Thank you
  8. S

    My Simple Diet

    Just thought I would give a run down on my diet so far if for nothing else to highlight 1 if I can do it anyone can and 2 there's no need for expensive diet drugs, fancy foods, gym memberships etc. I should be 10 stone 10 pounds My weight before my recent hols was 13 stone Came back from...
  9. C

    DASH diet

    Has anybody had any experience of using this diet? It is approved by the American Heart Association and my understanding is that this obviates the need to synthetic medication with all the inherent side effects. Apparently, it is also very good forweight loss as well.
  10. Fuzzy

    Plant based Diet

    Is anybody on the forum on the " Plant Based Diet " ? Have you watched the film " Forks over knives " etc ..l'm wondering how easy is it to buy dairy free items soya milks and cheeses etc ??
  11. M

    personal training and yoga or pilates

    Hi everyone! I am a foreigner living in Istanbul who is staying with a friend for most of the summer in Bodrum. I was hoping you locals would have some good contacts for casual classes of pilates or yoga- or a good personal trainer contact..? Last summer I went to the gym just on the way out...
  12. A

    Special easy diet

    Eat and give weights healthy Three main meals a day only one portion no frying , excessive fatty foods , desserts, bread, cooking sauces no alcohol and drinks ONLY WATER unlimited including fruit juice, tea, coffee unlimited melon and watermelon Once week only one portion ice cream but it...
  13. tomc1984

    Diet coke chicken recipe

    Just had slimmers World diet coke chicken. It was actually quite nice, just like chinese chicken, very tasty. Chicken breasts 330 ml can of diet coke splash of tabasco, soy sauce and worcester suace 6 tbsps of passata 1 tbsp of chinese 5 spice 1 oxo cube Cook chicken and anything else you want...
  14. tinkycarol

    Dukan Diet - does it work?

    Hi, in addition to the other thread by Amanda "Dukan in Didim" in this sub forum I was wondering if anyone has/is doing the Dukan and how they are getting on? It is in the Daily Mail every day this week and I am thinking of having a go. Is it easy to do in Turkey - all that protien (meat &...
  15. newhorizon

    Do Diet drinks (and Diet Foods) make you Fatter?

    I'm sure some of you may have seen the recent news article floating around at the moment regarding a Study carried out in the U.S. which has an increasing obesity problem and health-related issues on: diet drinks and obesity. They did a study on 1500 people and the results found those that...
  16. amanda b

    Dukan diet in Didim

    Does anyone know where I can find Quark, virtually fat free cream cheese, oat bran or virtually fat free cottage? Started the Dukan diet with all the essentials brought back from UK. Its working so well I would like to find some of the above items here in Didim to help me keep on track. Any help...
  17. E

    Summer diet

    Oh I hate this time of year when the hot weather makes us feel heavier and we emerge from our winter clothing:) Have any of you started your summer diet? I got sick of being overweight finally and decided to do something about it. I have to stick to about 900 cals a day to lose anything but it...
  18. Yogi

    Is a Vegetarian or non-Vegetarian diet healthier?

    As Vegetarianism seems to be an ‘in’ topic currently I thought it a good time to ask the question - is Vegetarian eating healthier/better for you than a balanced diet that includes meat? On the one hand there is the argument that some essential vitamins we need are found in meat? On the other...
  19. Peaceplant

    Elimination Diet

    I am considering kick-starting a new era of healthier and less eating with a week or two of the Elimination diet which strips down to bare essentials then allows you to reintroduce food groups and gauge your bodys' reaction to see which foods don't suit you. Trouble us there are loads of...
  20. S

    The Celtic Diet

    Having been told by my doc today that I was putting on the beef, plus at this time of year many considering which diet to opt for. it got me chuckling to myself when I thought of my childhood. As a kid I always refused to eat my tea on a Saturday night if my heroes Celtic were beaten. Many...
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