1. P

    Carpe Diem Bilgehan Hotel

    Hi Does anyone have any info on this hotel. Was thinking of booking but cant find any reviews. :nerd: Thanks
  2. luckycat68

    Carpe Diem Bar & Restaurant

    I was taken out last night for a romantic dinner -- not sure why ?? We went to Carpe Diem -- same area as Kafedecki -- but such a lovely place-- newly opened with FAB views of Bodrum Castle and bay Unfortunatly we were the only ones in there - but the meal was very nice - after Ibrahim had to...
  3. Fuzzy

    Internet signal at Carpe Diem and Golf.

    Can anybody tell me whether there is actually an internet signal to be picked up at Carpe Diem, outside Yalikavak. It was mentioned that somebody had found one there ?? Also where are the nearest golf courses and what kind of price would you have to pay for a round ? thanks for any help ...
  4. R

    carpe diem prices - wow

    I had a look on a property website last night (I was bored) and they have the remaining 2 bed apartments for sale at --------------£95,000!!!!!!! With all of the apartments for sale in and around Yalikavak I have no idea how this price can be asked for, or paid. On the same website a carpe diem...
  5. R

    Has anyone here bought a Carpe Diem Residence property?

    Are we all alone? Just wondering.
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