1. Lyndsey

    Didyma Chocolatier.

    Located opposite Avsar Hotel & Didim Diner. I paid a visit and bought some vanilla slices and selected some chocolates. The chocolates are all handmade by the resident chocolatier. There is a wide variety to choose from at 7 lira per 100g. I selected a lovely gift box to be filled with my...
  2. Martyn

    Woman on Ataturk Bulv just up from Didyma Shopping Center

    There always is a lady who sits on the floor just up from the shopping centre. She holds out her hand and begs for money. Sometimes there is a young boy, maybe about 8 - 11 yrs old with her and also a baby. She seems to be there all the time so I assume she is homeless. Does anyone know...
  3. P

    didyma house-----information please

    hi tinky lovers ---help needed -going to tinky first week in october--stayin at didyma house next to police station----anybody stayed there or heared anything about it-----thanks for help
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