1. christella

    akbank didum altinkum

    my account in akbank has the same interest 5% and it should have gone up I urge all akbank savers to check their accounts and email them Kubra.kavak@akbank.com 0256 813 84 81 Or her new mobile number is 0530 9511 920 if you want to text her to call you maybe
  2. christella

    akbank didum

    my account has gone down in interest to 6% i dont have a lot of money in there about 36k could i get any better
  3. christella

    Akbank Didim

    i have just been told there are problems in the Akbank didum i have been online and there has no interest been added to my account a friend of mine is going to see them in a couple of days time as his interest has not been put on i think its to do with the English speaking lady who has been off...
  4. K

    TWO kittens desparate for homes Didum area

    Dear Kind and loving animal lovers, I have co-ordinated a resuce of two (out of four) kittens whose mum had been killed. I praying i can get them rehomed in Turkey, they only have two weeks left where they are currently in and I could be stuck on what i will do if I have not rehomed them by...
  5. P

    Didim solicitors versus London International Legal solicitor

    The last two weeks reading in the Voices newspaper online that a solicitor from the London International legal firm has secured an injunction on properties for people who went through the court after firstly using Didum solicitors that lost. Well done to this International solicitor in...
  6. Kusadasipools

    Open Day at Didum

    Kusadasipools.com would like to announce that Perfect Pools Didum is now the main agents for the BlueStar Chlorine Generators in and around the Didum area. Mark Weatherall an English man and the owner of Perfect Pools is very well known in the area and has an established client base, maintaining...
  7. W

    Buying in Didum

    Hello everyone Wondering if you can help me. My friend and I recently went to Didum to look at apartments to buy with Panador Properties but it didn't work out as we planned and we haven't bought one yet. Just wondered if anyone could post or email me good companies to go through or the best...
  8. Andywebb

    Problems for Didum Charity.

    This story is in todays Turkish Daily News. İZMİR - Turkish Daily News A charity night held by Britons living in Didim to raise money to buy a nebulizer for a local hospital has caused problems for the organizers, who can't find a place to donate the proceeds from the evening. Some...
  9. H

    Muggings in Didum & Altinkum

    There seems to be a lot of these reported at the moment.I have seen nothing reported on hear.Anyone got any updates on this?.Any news on the police progress?.
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