1. G

    Water Restrictions in Didim and Akbuk

    There are two pools in our complex. The main pool has been filled this year but the smaller one for villa owners has not. I'm told this is due to water restrictions. Is this true?
  2. Mushtaq

    Didim - Tapu office

    A friend needs to check out status of a TAPU at the Didim office. Can anyone recommend a company or an individual to visit the Didim Tapu office and make an inquiry?
  3. Justin

    English speaking electrician Didim area

    Could anybody recommend an English speaking electrician either Altinkum or Akbuk. Thanks
  4. J

    Painter/ decorator required in didim

    I need the roof terrace & bedroom wall painting
  5. A

    double glazing firms in Didim

    Hi Can anyone recommend double glazing firms in Didim for new doors etc names and contact details please and any recommendations appreciated Thanks
  6. S

    Didim- pool signage etc

    Just getting round to doing the pool for the start of the season and am intending to get new signage and fencing. I would be grateful for any info re location/ names where I could source such items plus any info re pricing if you have recent experience in this area of pool maintenance.
  7. teklu

    Didim Quiz, Online!

    There is an online quiz about Didim here: Didim Quiz If you go up a level or two, there are quizzes Turkey, Turkish culture, and also general knowledge and categorized quizzes.
  8. D

    Getting a residency permit in Didim

    Has anyone done this or know anything about this? I've been living in Istanbul for years but have left my job and planning a move down South. Have to sort out my own residency permit and don't know where to begin. It's a nightmare in Istanbul. How do I get an appointment for Didim - is it...
  9. T

    Branch Manager HSBC Didim details

    Would anyone have a name, contact telephone number and email address of the Branch Manager of HSBC Didim please. Have lost his card and trying not to bother Jeffrey again. Many thanks.
  10. T

    Didim Public Prosecutor

    Hi does anyone have the name and contact details of Didim Public Prosecutor please Thanks.
  11. oldfogy

    Didim Meet-up

    Ok anyone fancy a Meet-up on 25th September and also to celebrate my 70th birthday. 7:30 for 8.:00 Currently looking at Blue Moon on Marina Road for the venue, a Newish place just up the hill from Jack Sparrows but before Meandros, Lovely people Etc Etc, they are currently running a Tuesday...
  12. juco

    Fire at Didim aqua park.

    Link to voices below: Fire hits Didim Aqua Park | Voices Newspaper
  13. IbrahimAbi

    Vegan Fest in Didim

    The difference between vegetarianism and veganism, which has a deeper philosophy, is not well-known in Turkey. That is why the initiative taken by the municipality to organize a vegan festival in the Aegean holiday resort town of Didim is a daring step. Vegan fest in Aegean resort See you...
  14. S

    Marbling Roof Terrace Walls- Didim

    We have a large open top terrace which offers little protection re water ingress. Some neighbours have recently had the top of their walls fitted with marble ( with small overhang each side). Pricing has been remarkably varied and I just wonder whether anybody has had this done and can guide...
  15. D

    Cattery in Didim?

    Does anybody know if there is a cattery in Didim.
  16. IbrahimAbi

    Former British soldier arrested in Didim

    A former British soldier who fought against Isis in Syria alongside a Kurdish militia faces terrorism charges after being arrested in Turkey while on holiday with his girlfriend, The Independent has learned. Joe Robinson was detained at the resort of Didim, on the Aegean coast, with Mira...
  17. L

    Didim Seyhat

    We are going to Marmaris for a few days soon, does anyone know if the Didim Seyhat that goes from Altinkum to Aydin goes into the Aydin Otogar that is a few miles out of Aydin? As this is where we have to get the Pammukale for our onward journey to Marmaris, many thanks Sharon
  18. R

    Contact details for Akaylar Emlak Didim

    Hi, can any one assist if providing contact details, physical address, tel nos , postal address forakaylaremlak in Didim? I have been trying for months to make contact Many thanks
  19. R

    Ttnet contact details Didim

    Hi, same old chestnut. Does any one have an e-mail address for ttnet in Didim.? Or other communication channel with details that I can use to contact them successfully? Thank you davidh
  20. W

    Didim Health Services

    Some advice/info requested please. On the trip over to Turkey I had symptoms which indicated a clot in my leg . I phoned my GP in the UK from Serbia and was advised to take ibuprofen en route, get anti biotics on arrival in Turkey and take them for 2 weeks. Should the leg swell the advice was to...
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