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  1. P

    New Member Looking for long term rental.

    Hi, I'm new on here. I currently live in Akçay, Nr Edremit. I rent a house there but am looking to move to the Didim/Altinkum area. I am a retired English guy, don't need a lot of space, just somewhere quiet so I can write. Longish term rent required. Please no Emlaks!!!!! Cheers!!! Phil F
  2. S

    Anyone going to Didim/Altinkum this week?

    I was just wondering...... Is there anyone that is going to Didim/Aktinkum this week that could possibly take a legal document over to someone on the complex I have an apartment on? It is a document that needs to get to a solicitor via a friend on complex. I can send it by post but I am...
  3. tamus

    Sailing lessons in Didim/Altinkum?

    Anyone know if it is possible to do sailing lessons on sail yachts in Altinkum or anyone wanting crew for a few days within 23rd Sept to 2nd Oct
  4. D

    Gym in Didim/Altinkum

    Does anyone know of a gym I could join on a month by month or single use basis? I'll be in Didim over the summer and really want to do more exercise than swimming or walking in the evening.
  5. Summertime

    Is it only Didim/Altinkum?

    I have now been to Daylan, Dalaman, Koycegiz, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Bodrum and Yalikavak. All thise places was very clean, no rubbish. In Didim/Altinkum rubbish are flooding, why? Could it be a local municipal problem.
  6. B

    Didim/Altinkum apartment rental 2 beds ideas for 4 wks

    Hiya I am a newbie, so apolo if I get any of this posting wrong in advance! My self and my toddler want to travel over next year....this is my third stay ...prob be my 5th by this holiday, as I tend to come out week/s at a time. toddlers (1st holiday) I am currently needing an apartment for...
  7. C

    2 Bedroom Apartment in Didim/Altinkum

    Large 2 bedroom Apartment on 1st floor comes fully furnished to a high standard, have sea and mountain views, mosquito nets and security grills Apartment on small complex with plunge type pool Tapu and Habitation Certificate in hand Reduced to £25,000 for a quick sale PM for further details...
  8. W

    Schools in Didim/Altinkum

    Hi everyone, We have a property in Didim and at present only use it for holidays, we are now seriously considering moving out permanently. The only thing holding us back is schooling. We have an 8 year boy and of course his education is very important. Does anyone have any info on...
  9. culturevulture

    Şeker bayramı in Didim/Altinkum

    Hi, For those of you have been here when this happens, can you tell me please, if there will be street events during this time? Will there be other events, or will everyone be indoors partying? I am really looking forward to this, as it is something I have never experiened. I have loads of...
  10. culturevulture

    organised trips to cappadocia from Didim/Altinkum

    help::: Hi, Is there anyone doing organised trip to Cappadocia from the Didim area. This has been on my "to do list" for some time and reading of Pipermans exploits, I dont think I can wait much longer!!!!!!!!!! Are there any other members from Altinkum/Didim interested in doing this trip...
  11. Sweetnighter

    Property prices in Didim/Altinkum

    With all the major developments in and around Didim/Altinkum why is property still so cheap compared to other areas e.g. Bodrum peninsula
  12. So

    Guitar lessons - Didim/Altinkum

    Hello people! It's winter....I'm bored...bought a guitar 3 years back...strings have rusted...would really like to learn how to play that thing :smile::smile: (as I also don't know how to replace the rusted strings!) Is there anybody in Altinkum as bored as I am that would like to teach me how...
  13. So

    Long term villa/duplex required - Didim/Altinkum

    Hi everybody, It's been a while :D Me and my friend are looking for a villa or duplex house to rent with 4 bedrooms We both have been renting here for years, but unfortunately our rents have gone so far up that sharing a house at this point is the best option for us. Since we've been here a...
  14. L

    2 Bed Apartment in Didim/Altinkum

    Re: RENT a 2 Bed Apartment In Didim (Only 90GBP pw) Hi, I have a 2 Bed apartment in Didim with swimming pool (almost exclusive). Apartment is suitable for a small family (2adults + 2 children). Furnished with all basic requirements. Rent - Only asking for 90GBP per week(April and May)...
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