1. N

    diabetic / haemodialysis cooking.

    My dad is now having kidney dialysis and has to keep to a very strict diet. I've been searching for recipe books to help us make meals for him more interesting but havent had much luck. We have an appointment with a dietician next week but in the meantime dad is struggling with bland hospital...
  2. Sally-Ann

    Diabetic depression

    Hiya fellow diabetics. I just need to vent my spleen as I'm having a really tough time at the moment and I don't know any other type 1 diabetics here. Non diabetics just don't get it!! Ever since having my son 23 months ago I have found it nigh on impossible to get my sugars under control...
  3. Esther Mofet

    DESAL‏ Diabetic Medicine Needed.

    Hello All. Help would be apreciated with this problem please. I have freinds coming over to Turkey who are diabetic. Because of strict transit laws about transporting this medicine I would like to know where to get this medicine and how much it costs here in Turkey. The Turkish name is Desal...
  4. butt007

    Diabetic dog

    Back in the UK we used to breed Toy Poodles, not as a business just a hobby we did'nt keep them outside it was all done indoors and when one would have puppies(usually 4-5) it was lovely. They are the most beautiful dogs imaginable when correctly groomed and are not snappy at all when treated...
  5. F

    Diabetic support

    How do people living in Turkey maintain their support for diabetic medicine from the UK, particularly insulin, or do they buy it in Turkey Firebird :3: :peace:
  6. Phil Johns

    Diabetic how to get insulin supplies

    I am Insulin dependent diabetic. my wife was over at are new home last month while there she made an enquiry at ecsane(good Eh)/chemist ref insulin availabilty he told her mine was not in supply as we intend to relocate next year it is obvouisly of some concern as I don't want to come back to...
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