1. M

    Cost of type 1 diabetes in turkey

    Hi my name is mark and me and my wife are considering retiring to turkey, however one of the main drawbacks I can see as a type 1 diabetic is a complete lack of information regarding health care costs. could any other type 1 diabetics currently retired in turkey please help me regarding what the...
  2. RedBloodedHound

    Alcohol % Diabetes.

    Drinking a few times a week 'reduces diabetes risk' - BBC News So almost teetotal now and I should have been drinking. But i'm told not to drink now!
  3. M

    Diabetes treatment in Marmaris

    Hi does anyone know if there is a diabetes clinic or doctor in Marmaris where one could go for check ups
  4. G

    type 1 diabetes

    hi folks am considering moving to turkey full time after buying a property. i am insulin dependent diabetic for 40 years and wondered if any fellow sufferers had any advice or comments on their experience of living with this condition in turkey would be interested to hear about prices for...
  5. N

    canine diabetes

    Does anybody know if insulin treatment is available for dogs in Turkey. Our dog has just been diagnosed with diabetes and we are due to move out from England 9/03/09. Nick and Sue Cufflin soon to be in Akkaya
  6. M

    Diabetes and Driving Licences

    My husband is an insulin dependent diabetic, and as such has had to renew his British driving licence every three years since diagnosis, now 32 years ago. Has anyone had experience of this renewal whilst in Turkey? I am interested in how to complete the form which requires clinic visit dates...
  7. Andy

    Diabetes Warning

    AVANDIA Lawsuit Info Have You Taken AVANDIA? The New England Journal of Medicine has released the results from 42 studies involving 15,560 diabetes patients who were prescribed Avandia. Patients getting Avandia were 43 percent more likely to have a heart attack. The study also...
  8. drewsue


    Hello Could anybody help me, could you please tell me how to spell ‘diabetes / diabetic’ in Turkish www.diabetes.org.uk Also spell ‘Lactose Intolerance’ http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/lactoseintolerance/#whatis You can buy milk in England that has had the lactose taken out...
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