1. I

    Izmir Turkey to UK Devon by car passanger

    Obviously this post was a bad idea. Therefor I leave you guys to enjoy the community here. :car: :car: :car: :car:
  2. Andy

    The Jackson 5 move to Devon UK It's still not sure if Michael will move with them, but they are looking to buy land to build their luxury House on, somewhere near Appledore, North Devon.
  3. plymouthspur

    Hiya - a newie here from Devon.....

    I can't believe a holiday in Altinkum back in August last year has resulted in a further 3 visits and a property purchase. I just fell in love with the place, the people and the relaxed way of life. So I guess I may well be a regular on here now. Look forward to posting and perhaps meeting...
  4. Andy

    Grounded ship off Devon

    Scavengers grab cargo from ship Scores of people flocked to the site of a shipwreck on the southern English coast on Monday to scavenge among beached containers for cargo including a BMW motorcycle, shoes and wine, police said. As the coastguard fought to contain the stricken ship's oil...
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