1. bickern

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device

    Apple virus lets hackers take control of your device and its CAMERA, here's how to stop it A TERRIFYING new computer virus that allows hackers to take control of your Apple MacBook has been discovered in the wild. Here's everything you need to know. Apple computer owners have ben warned about...
  2. K

    Energy Saving Device

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of a unit called Airconosense which is designed to switch off air conditioning units if no movement is detected in a room for a pre-set period? It looks like they could save a fortune in electricity but we did wonder if they work as well as they claim and how...
  3. Howell's

    Money Saving Device

    you do pay for tv licence with your electris bill but its only a few pence. Your right everything is cheaper than the UK. My only concern is everything seems to be going up here so not sure how long it will be before the price catches up with UK
  4. merlin

    One dead as device explodes in Bursa this morning....

    One man has been killed in an explosion outside the offices of a state electricity company this morning in the city of Bursa, in the north-west of Turkey. The death was announced by the police, who set up a security ring around the area but said they had no further information on what caused the...
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