1. bickern

    Turkey - major high-tech developments in 2019

    Turkey spearheads major high-tech developments in 2019. Government takes major steps in technology, supports private sector, educational activities over course of year ISTANBUL The Turkish government and private sector spearheaded significant technological advances during 2019, including a...
  2. gally

    New developments for touristic residence permit

    Has anyone else seen the info below from YellAlli? Can anyone please decipher this, sorry I can't make head nor tail of what is being proposed. Also is this only for Istanbul?? - Thanks New developments for touristic residence permit granted by Istanbul immigration Office. 25th May 2018 The...
  3. E

    Arzuoglu developments

    threats Moved to a more suitable place.
  4. M

    Istanbul residential developments good or bad?

    Hello, Im looking at buying an investment property in Istanbul. There is not a lot around for someone with my budget, but some of the new large residential developments have appartments for £20,000-£50,000 with about a 50% deposit now. One of the developments Im looking at is called "Center...
  5. P

    List of 'safe' developments

    Due to recent events affecting other TLF members there is much talk at the moment of the property scams that are evident in some areas of Turkey right now and one thing that is apparent is that many people caught up are unwilling or unable to talk about the details of individual cases. And...
  6. T

    Flamingo Golf Resort and surrounding developments

    Hello I own a property in Flamingo Golf Resort where development has been delayed like most other developments in this area. Has anyone else bought here or nearby Vita Park Golf Resort and how has your experience been, any info would be appreciated and feel free to contact me.
  7. M

    Any Akbuk developments have indoor activites when weather is wet?

    Hi Coming out on Saturday (7 women). Seems our outdoor pools may not be usable due to the wet weather predicted. Have any other Akbuk developments got indoor activities, I notice Mandalya have but not sure if they are available to the public. Any advice appreciated. PS What is the best way...
  8. C

    Kazikli Bay Marina / Golf Developments

    Hi everybody, This is my first post in ANY forum so I hope you can help. I've joined the forum to find out anything I can about Kazikli Bay, the proposed Marina development and Golf developments in and around Kazikli. Has anybody heard anything new about these developments in the last couple of...
  9. G

    botanic gardens photos & tourism developments

    Hi, I have just arrived back and I have uploaded some photos on the development for the owners to view. Does anyone know of any tourism developments and the news about the marina? Any owners interested in setting up a owners group?
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