1. S

    Question As a software developer which is the best city in Turkey to lives in

    Hello, I decided to spend couple months in Turkey and work from there. I am software engineer and I would like to meet and gather with software engineers and crypto developers. I know it sound a weird question but really I am looking for an answer.
  2. D

    Artev developers show their true colours

    Yesterday Artev (part of the Ozyer group) dismissed me from the Board of Directors. I have been legally elected TWICE with over 51% of total complex votes (over 260 votes, the legal amount required) We were closing in on many probably illegal and immoral issues that Artev have adapted over the...
  3. B

    Mpi investors/pines development akbuk

    Hi, I am UK based and have recently been given the opportunity to look into an ivestment within a complex based in Didum, Akbuk. I have only visited Turkey once on part of a cruise and do not know the area and am very time resticted til later next year and have been asked to reserve in the near...
  4. arrian

    property developers: a novel way

    to keep them at bay! Chinese farmer declares war on property developers with homemade wheelbarrow canon - Telegraph
  5. teosgirl

    woman buried alive by property developers whilst defending her home

    How sick is this?! China: 70-Year-Old Grandmother Beaten & Buried Alive By Property Developers Trying To Take Her Land | World News | Sky News What a horrific way to die :27: Charlotte
  6. R

    Developers rate for electricity

    Does anyone know what the "developers rate" is? We have our Tapu and will, hopefully, be transferring the electricity into our names next time we visit. In the mean time our Management company are sending us monthly electricity bills @ 0.32TL per unit. The properties on the site(24) have...
  7. P

    Property developers out pricing themselves?

    The idea/dream of a holiday home is probably one that many people have and has become seen as an achieveable dream for ordinary people because of TV shows like 'a Place in the Sun' and the banks willingness to lend but its clear that once developers target an area and start building the prices...
  8. J

    Developers charges for communal buildings and facilties

    I have an apartment on a site with a large outdoor pool and indoor pool complex with gym, sauna, bar and restaurant. We are going through the process of forming an owners association and electing our chairman and selecting a maintenance company. The developer owns the communal building with the...
  9. E

    Developers obligations

    Hi Can anyone advise on the time span which a developer has to stand over property built and various building snags . I have heard varying times for eaxmple 3 years 5 years but can't find any legislation as yet so if anyone knows I would appreicate it. Thanks
  10. Higgy

    MRI Property Developers

    MRI has just taken a bit of a bashing c/o The Sunday Times, it was one of those undercover reps or a disillusioned member of staff whistle blowing. The report alleged similar goings on to the old time share scams. All allegedly as the lawers will say. Yes that is who we are buying with, Oops...
  11. S

    property developers altinkum

    hi all. Does anyone know of this property developer / builder who is based in altinkum. im thinking of buying from them but would like to check them out first. they are Wise Move Homes - Altinkum Address : Yali Caddesi No : 119 Altinkum - Didim T U R K E Y Phone-Fax: 0090 256 813 34 91...
  12. J

    Property Developers in & Around Fethiye

    Hi All, I am a new member and have some questions for you all. My Brother & I are looking to buy a new build off-plan property in the Fethiye region. Anyone know of any new developments planned / under construction that are worth a look? We are looking for a 3 bed apartment with shared pool...
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